On this week’s Free to Play Cast, we mourn the loss of GameTrailers, speculate on Bless Online’s Western publisher, chat about the H1Z1 debacle, and reveal our personal choices for the worst F2P publishers around. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:25 GameTrailers and Bless Online
20:41 H1Z1
26:06 Worst F2P Publishers
30:12 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
36:57 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. Blade & Soul sucks. So old feeling, and instanced everywhere. Can’t play more than 5 minutes of it. It is boring as fuck, and the quests are just so bad I think I would rather have my fingernails pulled out one by one than grind my way through them.

  2. I was just sitting here thinking Perfect World, and of course its the first thing they say. I’ve played Perfect World International back in the days when I could honestly say it was good, I loved the game, but over the last few years it’s changed. Slowly they took away every way in game to make money. Drops sell for 1 coin in the game, 1. Things cost millions. The best gear costs thousands of dollars, and the only way to really make money in the game is by having good gear which is very difficult to get.

  3. I am by far the last person to defend APB Reloaded but you are not looking at the good points of the game, unlike most people say, the game is not pay2win, it is the opposite, the guns on the market are mostly just Reskins of already existing guns that are purchasable through Contacts, those who are not are on the Joker Ticket store which does not involve any Real Money as well. those who call the game Pay2win are either just bad at the game or plain too lazy to actually inform themselves where to get the guns without paying for them.

    On the Other hand, you got the almost limitless Customization Options available. A game where you can find the Simpsons, A Team, turtles, Gollom and many more characters that were created using the available options of the game just make the game great for everyone into Customizing his character for hours.

    Yes the game has it’s problems, the balancing is bad, the Optimization is bad, matchmaking is almost non-existing but that is nothing that isn’t known for Years by now.

    That’s why I give MMOBomb an A-Bomb for not looking into Older games that are still there and ever changing. you perhaps should do a show where you check out some older games that are just a bit forgotten.

    Yes I really say this now and I will be the bad one for this, a DA-bomb for company’s that decide to go Buy2Play. If we take a look at Free2Play Games and Buy2Play we clearly see that a Most Games with a Buy2Play model come without as many restrictions to the game than Free2Play.
    Look at SWTOR’s Free to play model which is completely unfair and Pretty much forces you to pay to enjoy(The Game, on the Other hand, is Great). Guild Wars back then was a Huge Success and that with Buy2Play, you had no Restrictions and that in an MMO, okay the Market was just building up but still. The benefits of Buy2Play are solid.

    Question of the Week
    I still think that EverQuest Next might be released one day, but it will be less then announced and not as good as hoped. And it won’t be in the next 2 Years, the game is already in Development since 2009 or even earlier and until now we saw no real sign that the game will ever happen.

  4. Nexon, Aeria, Perfect World, EA, Snail Games, Gameforge, Allods Team, Mygames. I just stay far away from all their cash grab games.

  5. Everquest next – buy to play I think

    Will Black Desert fail with buy to play and go free to play?

    What are your opinions on Overwatch?

    • Buy to Play is the mean to have MMORPGS, to keep gold spammers away but they also have to make the cash items not so insanely expensive… 33$ for a costume set + weapon makeover, thats just too much

  6. A-bomb to a friend of mine (we’ll leave out names). Ever had one of those friends who is nice as can be, enjoys playing games, but wholeheartedly sucks at them? Well this is the friend I’m talking about… he face pulls in dungeons, stands in the cannons in Heroes of the Storm, and has literally no common sense when it comes to playing a class. Love him to death but sometimes his mere presence just stresses me out.

  7. Well Mike, i am only getting informations about games on MMOBomb.com. I go to Steparu like 5-6 times per year when i get bored by the game i play, but on MMOBomb i’m every day checking the news :), and i watch Free To Play Cast Show every week, the best show about games on the internet, atleast for me. So Guys and Girl you have a 100% dedicated fan.
    QotW: I never played any of the Everquest title, but i heard about Everquest Next when i was really young, under 25 🙂 but i think i will play with my Kids lots of MMORPGs before EQ Next is going to launch 🙂

  8. Question of the Week: Everquest Next will be released, but the game will more than likely be turned into 2 parts the core game and the “improved” version of the builder they released a while ago. For the core game i believe there will be a your typical free to play system, with a pay gate to progress faster. For the builder section you will have access to basic building parts but will have to purchase “advanced features” in the form of furniture and building packs.

  9. /love domino!!!!!!! and Blesss sucks!!!!!!! B&S is better i played them BDO BLESS TERA VINDICTUS etc Blade & Soul is the WoW of Action combat mmos!

    • and PS: you ppl realy need to learn what “sandbox” means when u say stuff about BDO! that game has nothing to do whit “sandbox” Mike “Magicman” cmon man wtf?

      • BDO is a sandbox open world. B&S is an overinstanced piece of crap that should just be an arena game. The pve is utter trash and if you think otherwise you are just lying to yourself or have a peanut for a brain.

  10. Question of the Week: Everquest Next will never ever ever come out. I don’t they are even working on it. hell the are barely working on the games they already have out. on their website it says “there has never been a game like this.” and there never will be because it doesnt’t exist, just like the Matrix.


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