On this week’s show the topics are FLYING as we dig into Guild Wars 2 Mount Skin RNG, the issues TERA may be having with their chat tools, BlizzCon, NCSoft getting DDOSed, a loot box only game….and, well just so much more! All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:54 GW2 Mounts, TERA Chat, Motiga Closing, and NCSoft DDOS
33:33 BlizzCon Review
45:54 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling Game
49:38 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
57:25 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. My favorite weapon is type is polearms: spears, Dane axes, halberds, and glaives. There is nothing more satisfying, than a devastating swing of a halberd or simple but effective stab of a spear. When it comes to weapon variety and historical accuracy, no one had beat Mount & Blade series. Nowadays, “professional” game designers often create the nuisance like gunblades, whips, claws and giant ironing board shaped swords, while authentic historical weapons are forgotten.

  2. The reason why layoffs happen around this time of year is to help balance the books in what is usually the least productive time of the year because so many people take off time for the holidays. For example all employees on my project had to take some furlough days in Q4 because the project is short on funds. It sucks but it’s just the way the corporate world works.

  3. For the question of the week: Hmm that’s a tough one… can I pick two? Well I’m gonna. First one would be ‘fistweaving’ from WoW. It was mistweaver monk’s passive ability to heal while dealing. With it I overgeared my monk and punched my way through dungeons while keeping the party topped off, until it got the axe with Legion. RIP fistweaving. The second would be Jump (and Super Jump) from FFXI’s DRG. What’s more fun than hopping on a mob’s head?

    P.S. Welcome to the club Marvel Heroes players… hopefully you’ll get a better send off than CoH did. And if NCSoft troubles were CoH fans, good.

  4. Dudes gw2 one sink normaly 700gems, and u can buy packs betwen 10-20-30 difrent. the 9600gems for 30 skins is not over price! its bundel! no one force ppl buy it if u want it free go farm Keys to open black lions cheast to get tickets for mounts!

    • Your math is wrong mate 30 skins x 400 gems is 12,000 gems. And yeah if you spend $120 for all 30 skins that’s $4 per skin but why should we have to gamble for skins to mounts we don’t even have as for example Troy doesn’t even HAVE the griffon. In fact of my group of friends that play gw2 I’m the only one that has the griffon. NO ONE ever said they want it free so your argument is invalid. It’s not that hard to individually price mounts Blizzard has done it for years with their cash shop mounts.

      • There is a limited time 30 pack that is all the skins (outside of the forged hound skin for 2000 gems on it’s own) that costs the discounted price of 9600 gems, you can only buy that pack during the first week of the release of these skins. After that your only option is to spend 400 gems per license until you get the one or 2 you want or spend 12,000 gems in single purchase or 3 to pack purchases over time to get all of them, and since it’s RNG, you may have to buy all of them to get your preferred skin.

        This might not have been an issue if they released RNG packs with say only 5 or 6 skins at a time by separating the packs into mount types so the RNG was lessened and you could choose them for a mount you have or like to use, but since they didn’t do that and because they did this right in the middle of controversy involving similar practices by major Triple A studios it is a bit scummy, especially because of A-Net’s customer friendly reputation.

        That being said, there are other MMOs that have been doing this sort of thing for mount skins for years now. Neverwinter has a lot of mounts that they release only in loot boxes and your chances of getting the mount are tiny because they pack the RNG with much more common booster packs and other junk that you most likely will get minimal benefit out of. They do allow people to buy and purchase those mounts on their auction house, but usually at really inflated prices. And the mounts they offer in their cash shop can cost up to $40, not to mention that those mounts have stats and some are faster than others.

        Personally, I did buy the 2000 gem skin and a 10 pack, but I am definitely holding off to get any more because it’s too much money for too little pay out. I do think that the outrage is a bit over blown as there are other items that I feel are worse in the A-net store, like the 2000 gem upgrade to the deluxe edition of the original game, which really contains a bank golem, a mini, and an elite skill that you can’t get any other way, the game has been out for 5 years and it’s still 2000 gems. Their permanent gathering tools are also a bit overpriced, and I kind of hate the new addition of waypoint unlock packs which discourages new players from exploring the game like the rest of us. That last one is pretty galling too when they just added mounts that would make mapping a breeze.


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