On this week’s show H1Z1 goes free-to-play, despite Jason’s prediction a week earlier, Valve disappoints with Artifact and angers with DOTA 2’s subscription model, and Netmarble is forced to change employment practices after 3 employees die. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:46 H1Z1 Free Switch
18:38 Artifact and DOTA 2 Sub
39:51 Netmarble’s Crunch Time Kills 3
44:48 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
57:35 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Da-Bomb to my dysfunctional party in the D&D campaign I just started. We’re two sessions in, and this session, the thief turned the town into a bunch of raving lunatics and undead by spending coins he knew to be cursed…the healer outed the good lich in the party to the last surviving member of the clergy…then the healer rolled a one shooting his bow, and shot the thief in the shoulder, whereupon the thief tries to kill the healer… at this point my mage leans over to the lich and asks if we really need these ‘idiots’. Then, the lich, trying to smooth things over, offers to pay the thief not to kill the healer. He’s paid up for six days, the magical well they need water from to purify the town is over a week away. Next session should be fun.


    For the question of the week: Anything that is an advantage that can only be obtained via real money, is pay to win in my opinion, so yes, it’s pay to win. Also, seems scummy.

  2. A-Bomb.. I mean Da-Bomb….No, no, no I mean A-BOMB to me for getting my bombs the wrong way around last time. I began creating a wallpaper for my PC to ensure I never got it wrong again but it turned into …, well, this: https://imgur.com/KqrNvvw

    Da-Bomb to FF14. I know it’s not F2P but I’ve recently returned to start fresh as a healer on a new server and I’m loving it. The homey vibe and aesthetic win me over every time.


    My personal definition of P2W excludes DOTA Plus. This isn’t to say that I like the idea of it or think that it is a wise move by valve, but I don’t think paying for the immediate information on builds, stats and tactics is giving anybody an advantage that you couldn’t get without paying. In fact, I think this is only going to hurt those players who pay. They are paying to stop thinking and make decisions according to prompts.. that is certainly not how you win.

  3. Da-bomb to the new Guild wars 2 season 4 living story , i love the charr race , it’s my all time favorite , and this story is all centered around them, i mean i can say more but i don’t need to , the story and the world of this game gets better with every single story they tell .

    QOTW : This is long i’m sorry …
    Ok so , how is a guide pay to win ? It doesn’t affect the gameplay or the in game stats in the slightest , it’s probably good for the noobis , but even then they will probably be completely lost if you let a pc tell you how to play instead of learning , for the veterans this is completely useless , yes this should be available to every single player , but having a AI tell me that as a support i should support my team ,sorry but i can’t see that as pay to win , yes there is more to it but then again it’ only good for players under 100 hours in game and i’m saying as a player that has 10K + hours in game


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