On this week’s show we delve into WildStar’s Primal Matrix update and share some player feedback from reddit, talk Wargaming.net, Gigantic, and League of Legends in the Rapid Fire Round, and end it all with a Faeria review. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:20 WildStar’s Primal Matrix
20:22 Mini Rapid Fire Round
37:04 Faeria First Look Review
40:34 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
51:00 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. I highly doubt they will see this, but I have to give a Da Bomb to a couple streamers I’ve started watching a lot on Twitch. Trikslyr and Grubby, who both did a great job casting the Heroes of the Storm Western Clash, are really great if you want to get some advice about how to get better at Heroes. I’d say Grubby is stronger if you want advice on mechanics or technique, while Trikslyr leads by example day to day on maintaining a level head even when dealing with frustrating players or situations. They’re also both family friendly and don’t often participate in the annoying kappa culture that’s so prevalent on Twitch.

    I had a hard time thinking of a good answer for the question of the week, because there are just so many terrible names in the mobile gaming space. There’s definitely something worse out there, but one that makes me facepalm every time I see it is Game of War. It’s just so generic, almost to the point of being offensive. I also think pretty much any recent non-WoW game that starts with ‘World of…’ deserves a dishonorable mention.

  2. Not played wildstar pretty much since it launched, never got far in it, there was just something that didn’t click with me on the experience and the lure of a free 50 is not enough to pull me back

    As for LoL’s ban…i’m with zack in saying it was justified, just having someone so obtuse in a team based game is damaging not only to the players but the game as a whole(because if it is unpunished people quit), people do the same in WoW when it comes to raiding, if people fail to be a team player they get kicked from the raid or their raid guild (there is no I in team) he could also be padding his stats when it comes to win rate…he might actually be a really good player with a high win rate and when he switches play style it drops to an average before he pads his stats again.

    As for the question of the week, i really can’t think of a game with a name that i would consider bad

  3. Hey, Editorial Writer Steve here!

    I play a lot of League. I gotta say that this ban is honestly not vibing with me very well. I understand where the support staff is coming from, but we are talking about a game that if they dont get exactly their way, they will hold the game hostage.

    I am not talking about the nunu player, I am talking about the players who dont want to play with the Nunu not taking no for an answer. Every time I try something a bit off meta, I get constantly flamed. If it works, they are silent, if it doesnt, they freak out at me the whole game trying to get the other team to report me through all chat.

    I can really understand that this Nunu player just kind of adopted the “I dont negotiate with terrorists” mentality.

    That being said, I have heard a bit about this story and this nunu player would be counterjungling the enemy Jungler’s lower buff while playing support, so I could understand that the ADC who he was supporting would be frustrated. ADCs are a role that cant do anything solo until they start to get items. If you are constantly in a 1v2 because your support is off doing counter jungling, you are at a huge disadvantage.

    Although I dont agree with this Nunu’s method, if it gets results, you might see it in LCS. Then all of a sudden it becomes meta and nobody has a problem with it. Keep in mind the meta hasnt always been set in stone for league, so trying out new things shouldnt get banned. Even if the player decides not to interact with the toxic community in the process.

    • Yeah, that story reminded me why I don’t play games like LoL or Dota even though I like competitive and “hardcore” games. I mean how does it even work? He says “I’ll try a new strategy with this character” and the team replies “You’ll do no such thing! You’ll play the way WE want or you’ll get banned”… Aaand he does get banned. So who’s taking whom a hostage? -_-

    • Just wish zack would have registered that the ban wasn’t for the role, so he wouldn’t hammer that much on the role. Nunu is a support and a good one at that.

      @steve hawke Well put man. I definitely agree with you. In my case after a few years of LoL, i ended up preferring to play ARAM because it allowed for more freedom. With a random comp there is no meta… I loved it.

  4. I’ve got to weigh in on the LoL ban bit… I don’t play LoL, the closest thing I’ve played is HoTS, and in that came as far as I know there’s no way to play a character in a different role from their intended role. You can play some of the specialists as “support-y” but all specialist means is that the character isn’t a support, warrior, or assassin… so I don’t really think that counts. I think the ban should have only been enacted for ranked play. There are plenty of times in all games that require teamplay mechanics where teams have poor communication over one thing or another. Is it a good thing? No. But unless you’re really harassing someone I don’t see it as a bannable offense in casual play. As far as playing as an unintended role in general. I agree with Jason, if you’re doing a fine job at it and not really holding anyone back, I don’t see the issue. For instance, my hubby plays several of the healing specs as DPS in WoW. I don’t generally do add-ons, but got annoyed after a complaint about this and got one because I believed the complaint about his damage invalid. I was correct. As the -several- healing specs he uses for DPS he is consistently first or second in DPS, and that’s over actual DPS specs. So. As long as you’re contributing, you should be able to play how you like, especially in casual play.

  5. I think that discontinued space MMO you were talking about is Black Prophecy. At least it’s the only game I know which fits the description.

  6. QotW: worst name for an MMO I have seen has to be Dragomon Hunter or any MMO that has Aeria games attached to it.

    Speaking of Aeria Games I was permanently banned from their games. The reason is stupid. I was on a quest that required me to buy something from the cash shop. I bought the item and completed the quest. All was well right? No because I received an email saying the reason was billing. So yeah A-bomb to those bastards.

    • That’s the worst you can think of? Pfft. You clearly haven’t seen games like “Erectus The Game” and “Run And Fire”. >_>


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