On this week’s show it’s financials time as we take a peek at NCSoft’s Q1 report, then we chat Rift’s free expansion and name change, and bring you up to date on what we’re hearing about the TERA 3rd party bans. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:11 NCSoft Financials
15:55 EverQuest 2 and Rift

(There WAS something else behind the name change like we speculated on the show!…Trion was sued! Article here!)

33:17 TERA Update
49:25 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
58:24 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Da-bomb to being obnoxious (sometimes at least). I had a HoTS match where I actually felt bad for the other team. They were all brand spanking newbies, none of which were partied together, while our team included my usual party of three all of which are experienced players. I was playing my favorite support character who can dole out some decent damage herself, while the hubby and friend were playing high damage assassins. With the three of us together, we ended up basically farming the other team. Don’t worry though, karma got us two games later with a really good full premade who did the same thing to us.

  2. Da-bomb to being obnoxious (sometimes). I had a HoTS match where I actually felt bad for the other side. Our team consisted of the trio I play with (who are all experienced players) and two slightly less experienced players. The other side was all brand spanking newbies none of which were partied together. I was playing my favorite support character, who can dole out some decent damage on her own, and the hubby and friend were both playing high damage assassins. We basically ended up farming the other team. Don’t worry though, karma got us two games later, and a really good fully premade party ended up doing the same to us.

  3. Hey guys, long one again,
    On Wildstar, leveling up is not that bad of a deal, if you know what you’re doing you should be good to be at 50 within 2 days (of gameplay) mostly, especially if you choose a double XP weekend.
    On Rift, I actually downloaded it and checked it, what they “give” you is the items to start the quest for the new expansion which means only 1 character will get the expansion content and not you’re whole account, so be careful when you log in.
    On “how to run f2p”, apparently according to GGG (PoE) and DExtremes (Warframe) you don’t need to charge anything. Let me make a metaphor here, you build a Comercial Center and after it’s done, do you charge the people that come in the price it took to build the walls or do you find a way to make you’re investment pay that tenfold over time? The question here is not the price to make the game or an expansion it’s all about the “over time” revenue and the amount of people you have playing the game, so keep the game interesting and fresh and you don’t need to charge for basically any content and anyone who says otherwise clearly don’t want players on their game and this is not good for ANY player even the “whales”, because they will NOT be happy when they get 1 hour queues for anything inside your “Paywall for the Win 2” game.
    On Tera, I’m sorry but this game is a cesspool of elitism where grind is mistaken by skill and in-game skill is mistaken by third party programs, I’m sorry for hurting people but this is the feeling it got across to me as a new player that just reached max level and thus I uninstalled it.
    On DPS meters (I’m sorry I’m late on this), “DPS meters” are a must in fights where DPS is needed, the problem is not that DPS meters exist it’s the fact the “Hoop Jump meters”, “Stood on Fire meters”, “Interrupt meters”, “Damage taken by tank meters”, “Buff uptime meters”, “Healing meters”, “Overhealing meters”, “Damage Absorb meters” and “Ping Meters” are not taken as seriously as the 1st one by people, Elitism is a funny thing and this will not change for as long as a composition of a group is 2 tanks 4 healers 14 dps.
    Da-Bomb to Secret World Legends, I’m wating for it. A-Bomb to developers and publishers that look at MMORPGs as a product to be sold instead of a franchise to be spread.
    Question of the Week, to me Steam is like any other “launcher” platform, it doesn’t make any changes on my preferences, what I mean is, downloading a launcher from the game’s site or having it on Steam is just about the same since I choose to get all my game related news from sites like MMOBOMB which will give me a broader point of view of certain aspects of games.


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