On this week’s show, we welcome Free to Play Weekly’s host, Zach Sharpes, as we dig into NCSoft’s financials, their plans for Blade & Soul, the fate of WildStar, reddit moderation, anonymous sources, and so much more. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast

Discussion Timestamps:

01:46 NCSoft/WildStar/Blade & Soul
30:52 ArcheAge reddit Banning “P2W”
31:57 Age of Conan
32:00 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
37:58 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Moderators on reddit shouldn’t have any involvement in banning discussion of things that are on topic. The whole point of reddit is open discussion. There are already people paid to post to forums to promote games, and there’s an increasing feeling that reddit moderators may have some kind of ‘conflict of interest’ when they show such a lack of impartiality.

    On official forums it’s essentially up to company. If they moderate too heavily people will post elsewhere (ironically, normally reddit).

  2. Jason, please bring us “Logo or No Go” as a new weekly post.

    As for the question of the week, Reddit mods shouldn’t be playing nanny with pay to win topics. There’s an up/down vote system in place on purpose. If the community doesn’t want to talk about it, they’ll down vote the posts. If that community wants to be toxic, well, they can be, but the rest of us down to earth folk will simply avoid that game.

  3. The amazing being that is Bratwurst is here!
    To answer your weekly question, it is a bit conflicting as there are ups to banning topics such as those but there are also downs. Reddit has always been a website where people could discuss topics freely, some people use it to vent their frustrations towards something (Mostly Video Games). Troll comments will never stop no matter how hard we all try, they have been a part of the internet for such a long time that it has become a social norm in the world that is the internet. Should topics be banned? Absolutely not… it’s against the rules to do so in Reddit, MOD OR NOT.

    PS: I think Carbine might get bought out in the future.

  4. Question of the week.
    Well i find it unreasonable to ban conversation over a bad mouthing it’s like slapping every guy that curses near you when you speaking of science.
    A-Bomb: H1Z1 i see a lot of people see banning hackers/cheaters good thing ignoring the fact its beta each one of those guys managed too find flaw in the code providing usefulness data and then that youtube circus is more of shameless marketing then lesson too players. So i say A-bomb for inability to approach problems right.
    Da-Bomb: too steam for making a fun game i could not play because of cash shop made by gamigo playable.

  5. Blade and Soul Hype! yeah its pretty much dead, BnS China is one step closer to the updates on BnS Korea and plus they already have at least around 80% english translated over the whole game so why do we need to have a western release? because almost all english community players would not start over again on a new server thats not even been taken care of for the past few years. And about the WildStar when it goes free to play “IF” its completely free to play which i doubt big time, people might jump in for a sec to check out the game, but i think most people would just be waiting for Tree Of Savior, now that’s a game that took the gaming community seriously, like after CBT2 on Korea they suddenly set it up on Steam Greenlight, and for a day it became Greenlit, now that was the fastest Greenlit game on steam.

    Request for the podcast to talk more about whats the hype now, like Tree of Savior, and some Foreign Fridays for games like Master X Master to be reviewed for a possible western release “really hoping for a western release”.

    • We need an official release because not everyone is happy to play a game voiced in alien language, not fully translated and being left out any pvp because insufficient ping.


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