Hi-Rez Studios announced its next step in the free to play space with team based, 1st person shooter Paladins, LOTRO and Everquest 2 get server merges, Nosgoth is starting new monthly tournaments for cold hard cash, and Skyforge shows up…again. Get all that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:24 Hi-Rez Reveals Paladins
12:42 LOTRO and Everquest II get a bit smaller
20:27 Nosgoth Launches Monthly Tournaments
25:40 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
35:02 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. A Da bomb to Aeria Games for the decision to merge the US, German, and Italian servers of Grand Fantasia. Combine 3 langauges is not ideal but beats shutting down the game. They also announced a new content patch for the fall. Also their support for Aura Kingdom has improved. Would like to see a reboot of Runes of Magic.

  2. Fair warning this might be more longwinded than ususal, feel free to edit me.

    As for a game you two should play together…. I have two suggestions. The first would be TSW, it has good story and is really the only MMO to date that has truly immersed me in its world and keptme engaged with quests that don’t feel like quests, decent class customization, and dungeons that offer challenging mechanics. But, since it is buy-to-play, my second suggestion would be DDO, with instanced dungeon/quest areas and nearly straight from the DnD handbook character creation it offers a lot to play with and makes for a good MMO for small groups.

    Which MMO would I like to see revamped? FFXI. Yes, it’s old, I know a lot of today’s players would groan at the prospect of having to party and limit breaks but have you ever heard a game called an “FFXI clone” ? It is a unique game with story, awesome party mechanics, and a lot to do from classic leveling, to missions and quests, besieged, hunting NMs…. the list goes on. Just give it a graphical facelift and maybe add a few more class options (*cough Chemist cough*) and take my money!

  3. Turbine just needs to learn some F2P! AND THEY WILL LIVE EVEN AFTER 2017 if not… LOTRO bye bye … to bad the game was good the ppl managing the game are bad.

  4. If you’re looking for “a perfect amount of twitch”, I could recommend Heroes & Generals or maybe Rise of Incarnates. However, regardless of how fast/tactical these two games are, there are plenty of reasons why they might not be to your liking, since they both have enough flaws.

    Gotta say though, this perfect amount of twitch you’re looking for may turn out to be even less satisfying than the extremes. From my experience, when people say “this game is too fast for me, but that one is too slow”, they don’t want the middle ground either, because the real reason for their likes/dislikes lies deeper and isn’t so simple.

    P.S. Also, this whole story about World of Warships putting to sleep someone who allegedly enjoys tab-targeting MMORPGs sounds kinda fishy. šŸ˜€

  5. the mmos id like to see rebooted, in order of ‘want’, are:

    Fallen Earth: despite its clunky controls I enjoyed playing it. I liked the atmosphere and a lot of its features. the game is clearly dated now and a reboot with some mechanic tweaks could result in an awesome experience.

    Transformers: id like to an actual mmo instead of the battle arena they released last time. creating a bot and gearing it out while exploring an open world just seemed like lots of fun. so I want this one simply because it never really happened.

    There is a ton of games id probably play/buy if they were rebooted though. 9 dragons, Runescape, LoTRO, DDO, Star Trek, are just a few. Lets face it, many of the older games with some tweaks and a facelift would likely do well. especially if some got rid of the pay walls or at least opened their content up a bit more or in the case of those who did their shops well, if they stayed true to the heart their originals.

    great question of the week.

    Da Bomb to FFXIV. great game that seems to keep on keeping on. after a long break I was pleased to see the new additions and was reminded of all that game does well.


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