On this week’s Free to Play Cast, The Repopulation has to start coding again from scratch, Jason returns from PAX South with F2P and B2P news, and we review SNOW and Winning Putt. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:30 The Repopulation and APB Reloaded Engine Changes
10:24 PAX South Wrap-Up
26:36 Winning Putt and SNOW Reviews
37:30 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
48:07 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Well, since you guys happened to mention the “x” in my name, there is in fact a story behind it. I used to run an “inn” RP room on aol eons ago… it had a bit of a following and our group decided to create new characters for a storyline idea that I had. One of our members had a name with an “x” in the middle and when I couldn’t get the screenname I wanted I followed suit… so did the rest of the group. People entering the room used to think we were a guild based on this name pattern. After my computer died and I lost touch with those people, I adopted ElusiveXTreasure as my user name for most things, in homage of a great time in my RP history.

    My other commentary is on the little side note about loves and hates with races of MMOs. Polar opposite to Q, I like the “out there” races… Frogloks from EQ, Iskar from Elder Scrolls, Dranei and Forsaken from WoW… but my all time favorite has to be Arisen from Allods. Egyptian-themed high-tech people who became undead due to a plague, they have skin in shades of gray, egyptian style jewelry and hair styles, and wear porcelin masks. Their limbs from the knee/elbow down are mechanical as well as their spines… females even have a ‘tail’. For my hated race, that would be anything small, cutesy and puntable (not goblins, goblins are awesome). I feel like people play these races just to be obnoxious or think they’re ‘funny’. Tartaru tank? No thanks.

    • Ack! I said Iskar, Iskar are EQ I meant Argonians… bad me! Give me a break, both games have cat and lizard races x.x

  2. DA-Bomb for your new Free To Play Police series, its a great idea, some things need to be said. (btw although i love APB, if you do put it on the show, tear it up something fierce. A game deserves to be punished by its community for doing stupid things.)

    A-bomb to Blade and Soul pvp players….Jesus the salt is real.

  3. QOTW(don’t future this one next week please): ANY mmo that allows you to purchase the in game currency needs to be investigated. I feel when a company puts a value on a games currency it legitimately ruins the games economy. The only note worthy example i have would be *drum roll* Age of Wushu. The currency has always been up for purchase ,and has never budge in price since release. They even hold weekly events (check the site if you don’t believe me) for extra perks for buying a certain amount per week. To put it into perspective 1 ding = 30 dollars. The perks are acquired through 5 ding, 10 ding, and 20 ding purchases. So with some simple math that totals to… 150 dollars….300 dollars… and 6..0..0 dollars… per week…

    I just posted this story for shock value. I didn’t really want it featured next week on the show. Feel free to use it as an example if you want!

  4. The part about APB is bull they will not do anything to there engines seeing I already been on the game today and there is no changes what so ever!! Stop advertising for G1 that are completely useless.

  5. For the QTW: Free to Play shooters that put high powered weapons in the cash shop making competition really one sided. games like ZMR and Ghost Recon Phantoms does that and it sad really because they are both really cool third person shooters. And yeah I do hate keys being in cash shops for lock boxes that you get for free. that seems to be the new thing now with mmos. I have literally hundreds of lockboxes in Neverwinter that I will never use because there is no way in the hell I will pay money to open something that I got for free. I just wanna summon Anima from FFX and have them attack those asshole companies who intentionally make their games pay to win.


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