On this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, we review NCSoft’s fiscal quarter and its winners and losers, are surprised Otherland is back, and determine how toxic is too toxic. All that and much more on this week’s episode of the Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

00:58 NCSoft’s Fiscal Breakdown
13:28 Otherland Back from the Dead
23:10 League of Legends PBE LeaveBuster
33:35 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
38:26 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. I dont think that lineage eternal going the way that it goes is a nesseserily a bad thing and I think it will do better than expected when going free to play. Mainly because it choose to go a difrent path rather than dooing the same things with better graphics. Personally i loved lineage 2 better before free to play. I was dissapointed it had gone the way others have gone, sure there was alot of grinding but it was fun and you achieved somthing when leveling up or got an new armor. It was a difficulty to get the whole next grade gear when you got the level because you didnt have the gold for it. I havent bought a game ever and lineage eternal was the game i was seriously looking forward to buing. On another note wildstar, is not that grate of a game, sure I was going to play it when it was thought it was f2p from start , but hearing I have to pay for that then. no. that was not that grate of a game to buy it.
    Also i am not from a english speaking country so i apologize for my bad english.

  2. An A-bomb to people who post best of list with games that are not yet released or not available in North America. Many of these games will never make it to market here or be big disappointment when finally available. With so many great games out now this is a disservice to gamers looking for a new game, As for F2P games there are more great F2P games than sub and B2P games. As to P2W, for me if I have access to all the content and can do all the quest with out spending money that is a win. I do not care if someone has better gear than me but then I am a PVE carebear. A F2P publisher once said that only 10% of the player base actually spends money on the game. Even assuming that 3/4 of that player base is inactive accounts, still over half the players have gotten at least 20 hours of fun out of the game with out spending a dime. How many people have spent $60 on a game they played for 20 hours and felt it was money well spent. When someone spends money on a F2P game it means the developer has succeeded in making a good game. I have often spent money on a game not because I wanted something in the cash shop but to support the game I love.

  3. Well no the Community still Consists of a heckload of Toxic Player, i even understand when people get mad at you when you are Bad and all but most of the people in lol Flame you for no Reason at all , I already encountered Racists that insult you the game be cause your name sounds Foreign, and they mostly dont stop at that they even shout out death threads and wish you would just die a gruesome death and all. The Community of LoL didnt changed a single bit it even got worse, it’s just Riot trying to make it look Nice and Fluffy.

  4. referring to the question of the week I would say that the article that Riot posted is somewhat true, yet the statistics are way off, from my experience as a current player it varies and with proper percentages in mind would be a 50 – 65% range of which the community has improved, do to every other match you do tend to find hostile players arguing and fighting over lanes and insulting each others play.


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