On this week’s show, Selfius gets his computer back up and running and is set to once again join the cast on a regular basis. He hasn’t played Skyforge yet so Jason and Mike will weigh in with their opinions, we’ll all talk about Everquest, and even Blizzard gets a few minutes! All that an more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:31 Skyforge Closed Beta Impressions
29:18 Everquest And Everquest Next
37:34 Heroes of the Dorm Tournament
39:40 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
48:30 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. For the Question of the Week I was pretty “meh” about Skyforge and after seeing it in action about the same. Granted I like the fact it is more instanced based since I don’t like Theme Park mmos really.

    (This is coming from observation NOT having played the game myself.)

    Its really two things that get me.

    1). The combat. My gaming roots come from a lot of action console games so I lean towards more action oriented mmos (Tera, Dragon Nest, and sometimes Elsword to name three.) and I really am not a fan of Tab Target combat systems. So when a game comes along that is more of cross between the two it tends to rub me the wrong way. This because when playing it I’ll will think “If this had _______ like Tera this would be more fun.” and other thoughts on the the same line. From OBSERVING Skyforge being played it looked to me like a cross between Action Cursor and Tab Target style leaning more towards Tab Target. I’ll still try it out but I have lowered expectations in regards to the combat.

    2). I find the Sphere Atlas- Ascension Grid- (Ascension Atlas) and the lack of levels sort of pointless. The thing about the Ascension Atlas is if you described what it does it “allows the player after meeting certain requirements such as completing quests, dungeons, and raids to gain higher stats and learn new skills.” Then a normal level up system it “allows the player after meeting certain requirements such as completing quests, dungeons, and raids to gain higher stats and learn new skills.” It just seemed like they were going about getting stronger the same way but with more resources required to progress (the Sparks). This feeling to me is heightened since there is no obvious limit to what you can learn on the grid (learning everything counts as max level). Lastly the branching paths aren’t very wide spread to me. From what I saw there is one slight detour, then two paths that eventually meet back up again. Now while the stat ups on the Atlas themselves seem more like the Runes in League of Legends they still function the same as levels as far as I can til.

    I could be horribly mistaken and I would rather frankly.

    Sorry for my second long post. Thank you for your time.

    Go Bombcast! (Mounted)


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