On this week’s show the Nintendo Switch is revealed and so is SMITE Tactics, United Front Games closes while Cloud Pirates releases Founder’s Packs, and we review Heavy Metal Machines. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:16 New Reveals (SMITE Tactics and More)
18:09 United Front Games and Cloud Pirates
24:03 Heavy Metal Machines Review
28:28 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
35:30 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. DA Bomb to class advancements! i just love mmorpg’s that lets you advance your class in one way or another on your way to end game.
    More western releases should use class advancements in their games on top of the typical skill tree system, why? because it adds more build variety, keeps your class fresh and opens up for a more unique play style.

    (R.I.P Evolve)

  2. Da-Bomb to the Free to Play Cast and congratulations on your 200th episode. Hundreds of hours of news and entertainment. Always looking forward to your next episode. Thank you all for your work.

  3. Da-bomb to Titan (the Primalist tank soul). I’ve re-made a character as this and have been leveling her to catch up to the hubby’s Chlorochon. They. Are. Ridiculous. I can pull a whole rift of my level and AoE the wave down without getting a scratch. I did a few dungeons with her and, to my annoyance, had bouncy rushy dps (and in one case the healer) bolting ahead of me to pull more when I was already tanking three groups. I figured… alright… what the hell. I took off dragging the entire instance (including a boss) with me using everything I could to get ahead and mobbed them all. A bit of lag not withstanding, I stood amongst the pile of bodies cackling to myself as the rest of the party caught up. Bow before me puny mortals!

  4. Instead of only my thoughts of Smite Tactics I’ll adress the feeling I get about Hi-Rez and then get to the conclusion about the game at this point. Hi-Rez, for me, comes off as a studio that picks something up from Riot, Blizzard or any other “sucessful” things statwise and makes their own version of it. So as for Smite Tactics what comes off of that 2m+ video is just another Duelyst version of Smite probably intended to “leech” off the mobile market later on.
    As for Bombs, apparently A-Bomb to me, as I came off as cynical and grumpy when I was trying to be “realistic”, I’m sorry guys but it this all comes with age and experience trust me (#ImNotJWinters) and Da-Bomb for Warframe’s Patch “The Index Preview”, I’m a big fan and I honestly encourage every developer out there (especially those that are making MMORPGs) to take a good long hard look at DE for their “upfrontness” and community contact not only because they deserve it but also because we all can be “grumpy and cynical” or even worse at times.

  5. DA Bomb to Tankix – nice game that I can just hop in and out of when I have 15 mins spare. I actually like the claustrophobic nature of the battlefields as this just produces a faster and more chaotic game.

    QOTW – Smite Tactics sounds interesting. I haven’t played any of the Smite IP before, so I hope its a game I can pick up and enjoy without knowing any of the lore (beyond real world knowledge of mythology), obviously the cash shop will be a factor for me. I do like the turn based strategy games over RTS games.


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