Albion Online is no longer free to play, at least at launch, Red 5 misses payroll on Christmas, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly.

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  1. why are you forcing this now 10.4.2018. ??? placing baners of albion all over the place . The game is BUY to play , if i wanted to see b2p games i would not be here, me and all the other guys.

  2. Game is Elite dangerous: Selling a game with no features then releasing expansion with core functions every one hoping for (thats still normal) main problem expansion cost same as core game plus it has the game in it so everyone that bought core game got kicked in the nuts, cause we cashed out same as everyone just we get only half the game and if we want full game got too cash out same amount again and get full game plus expansion once more.

  3. now about the post above i happen to have ALL the original chat logs from the entire incident to .
    they are seriously juicy and at some points considered NSFW due to the amount of anger flying around in such an event (as it is to be expected) . it includes the GM and the players disguising it as it happened live .
    plus i even still have the links on the mortal online forum with the GM’s saying weapons are allowed to damage buildings which contradicts his own reasons to do what he did in a full pvp full loot sandbox mmorpg . (the GM’s have since deleted those post which incriminate them more).
    on top of all of this they did not even fire the GM infact they kept him on as head GM because he protects their big spenders to keep them a spending .
    i have a ton of dirt on star vault .

  4. zac sharps i have got a doozey for you
    the worst thing i have ever seen a game company do ever PERIOD
    ok lets go back to a title called mortal online by star vault .
    the game has players that often donate huge sums of cash to the dev team ok HUGE sums like thousands of us$ at any given donation .
    these guys get special protection from the GM team .
    example . one of these ” donaters ” guilds castle / strong hold was under attack by a far stronger guild that declared war on them . then as people do to enemy’s in war time, this guild started smashing down the very walls and gates of this “donaters” castle truly a wonderful siege to behold .
    then when all looked lost for sure for the hopelessly out numbered and out classed “donaters” the HEAD GM named discord shows up and cast his magic GM wand and makes the walls and gates of the castle INVINCIBLE so they do not take damage and then on top of that he makes the maybe 5 players ” inside the wall that are hopelessly out numbered and about to eat dust ” also invincible so they then proceed to come out of their castle and obliterate the 60 + battle hardened killers at their gates .
    then at the end the GM made some excuse “Sledgehammers are not supposed to be used to damage structures” seriously they tried to pull that card …… people need to know this .
    i will be blown away if anyone can say an experience worse then this .
    this is a serious scandal .

    • This is reality. Money rules everyting around you. Thx god i am rich. In the real world you can buy everything for cash. And the law is allways on ouer side you know. I could shit in your face in front of the police and you would be arrested cause i am rich. There is no law for the rich not in reality and not in games. So get rich problem solved.

      • lol do you realise how stupid you sound, let me correct you little troll. Your parents might be rich no to you 🙂 All you get is thanks to them


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