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  1. i love the anime SAO than Log Horizon but if its an MMO Log Horizon is the way to go due to its Content w/ crafting, housing and questing (in my opinion) ^-^v

  2. I am so tired of this MMOs failing with the same method of game play. GRINDING! For all the stories in the world killing the same number of monsters, or critters is getting so tiring. We need MMOs with flavor of puzzles, investigation, logistics, mystery solving, producing, learning stuff or even profession jobs like building not for your self but for the community. I don’t want to go to details but I sure everyone is getting tired of this restricted game play of the same basic function of grinding when we already have the ability to utilizes the mechanics of game engines.

    A ‘Adventure’ term also broadly refers to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, or other major life undertakings.

    And that is a Chibi anime a small version of all the types of anime. not all gamers are in to cutie stuff. We want mmos like ‘Battle Angel Alita’ theme tons of ideas and potential for that to be a mmo. (Recommend reading all the books its gets deep and I dare not say what happens to the smart humans

  3. An actual MMORPG of Bleach or Naruto or Fairy Tail, or hell even Gundam that is a non mini Gundam game that would be released in the “USA”, but not one of these so called brower MMORPG which always seem to suck badly. No more side scrolling crap, give me open world and have the option for that “action targeting’ or the old school tab targeting, yes sorry i do like the old way of questing it doesnt bore me in the slightest.

  4. Alfheim Online or Log Horizon. Log Horizon preferably because you can buy the structures in the open world which will probably be competitive itself as not everyone can buy them as they are limited in number so the top guilds could pool in the money from their members and buy the place, it would give more guild like feel, also there were only exp boost and fashion items in the shop so it wont be that much of a pay to win, in anime atleast. And open world pvp is always encouraged by me. There were many different classes aswell and many things to craft.

  5. First of all i’d love to at least get Shin Megami Tensei – Imagine back online.

    Or/and a new anime game made based on Megami Tensei Universe.

    This stuff is truly worthy.



    FRICKEN FAIRY TAIL. I’m only 6 episodes in, so Idk yet lol. but with the top 2, definitely so! And there should be 1st person view possibilities as well, and the ability to modify characters, and to a point(or beyond that point) create your own jutsu/skills/combinations. emphasis on jutsu though…there’s too much of possibilities when it comes to making a naruto game..and sao basically has everything (nearly everything) cut out…dreams come true..and the naruto one might make me flunk outta college cuz I’d play too much, LOL

  7. definitly one piece most popular anime in the world who has the bigest anime world so can by uset to make good open world mmorpg 1000 of chose of devil fruit powers and other fight style so no need clases and all love the pirat so i say one piece

  8. Pokemon MMO!!!
    I think Pokemon MMO must be popular but in this topic, it must be base on Pokemon anime. Digimon master Online has the story base on one season of Digimon anime, so why not Pokemon anime has one too.
    ps. I know because Nintendo is the reason.

    • If you want pokemon, go to dude lol, they have many small pokemon online games lol. naruto ones too, but none of them are done right in my opinion. however, they’re on BITs, rather than 3d, so yeah

      • I think this topic is about only the license MMORPG, not the other category. And the answer is not about the game is going to be done right or wrong because the answer is about what people want and the game is still not a product now, so no one can see how it is gonna be.

  9. I would LOVE to see a Gundam MMO. I think there are so many possibilities for that. Upgrading weapon functions and special abilities. Obvious archetypes are already laid out. Guilds would be relatively small crews on the same ship, however there would be fleets which would include multiple crews. I liken it back to Matrix Online’s guild/fleet system. A Star Citizen hanger instance where you can walk around and do maintenance on your Gundam/mobile suit.

    I’d also like to mention that instead of MMOs based on anime series’, how about some anime series’ based on MMOs? I for one would love to see an Aura Kingdom anime, and Echo of Soul anime.

    Good show Zach!

  10. None.
    Once they have the anime license, the developers put all their faith into that gimmick of it being about said anime and don’t bother to actually create a meaningful experience. Even if it does manage to be really good, the chance people will take it really seriously is a lot lower, again, because it has that license.

  11. One Piece will be a good one, but a bit hard to implement, since there have to be just about equal amounts for land battles as well as sea battles, which should have ship boarding and so on…

  12. From my experiences there are a lot of players complaining about the cap system in Skyforge. The problem is not that there is one; the problem is that the caps are too low and gamers reach it in about 2 days. The rest of the week is farming or being bored.

  13. Sword art online is the obvious pick, but maybe without VR it won’t be the same as the show present. Though, I would play a SAO game even now. Still, two other shows that might be a good source for MMOs are Fairy Tail, which has a very large variety of magic powers and a guild system that might be awesome. The other one is The Blue Exorcist, since the show is based on parties and going on adventures, and the exorcists are being divided into 5 awesome classes.

    • SAO is so overhyped and it’s not that good of a show to begin with, most of you kids probably haven’t watched the classic anime like the .hack series, where that concept actually began.

  14. Unlike what Elusivesextreasure said, having an MMO as a premise in an anime doesn’t really disqualify it. The problem with the 2 anime’s he mentioned are the stories and the alternative universe/psychological drama theme that, unless you’ve actually seen the anime itself, will be very hard to follow (hint at this week’s answer about games being very boring). A couple of good examples of anime that wouldn’t really need an explanation if made into MMOs are Log Horizon and BTOOOM! The first one would appeal to a very large crowd of fantasy gamers (it combines Final Fantasy, aspects of the .hack and /hack series and pretty much every fantasy game out there with a complex class and skill system) while the second one would appeal to each and every one of those looking for a game with a good or at least decent background that combines survival, horror and an FPS like action combat system (a good combination of ARK and Half Life with a horror/thriller theme and no fantasy premise other than the bombs you get to use).

  15. one piece.- open world (land+sea) pvp, each one could pick his own fruit(power) from a veeeery big range to choose from.

  16. I honestly hate the Fairy Tail anime, but I SERIOUSLY think an MMO with tons of magic based classes would be amazing.

    there’s so many different types of magic and I really think it’d be amazing.

  17. The obvious answers that lend to it would be, as you said Sword Art Online and Dot Hack, but they have MMOs as a premise already. Two very different but interesting nonetheless anime would be Trigun and Record of Lodoss War. I think the post apocalyptic/western world in Trigun would make for an interesting environment, while Record of Lodoss War has a much more classic fantasy feel. Throw in the badass villains from either and I think you have a winner.


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