Another exploit emerges in ArcheAge?!?! Billions slaughtered in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ghost in the Shell gets its own MMOFPS, all that and more, this is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. It’s a real shame that Archeage had to be like this. I am back to hoping for a game like EVE Online in a fantasy setting. One day, one day…

  2. Lol why does archage seem like the worst game on the planet right now, and here I thought you could never exploit money in a game (till GTAV) or at least in a mmorpg, proven wrong.

  3. used to play AA till like 2 days ago. when i used the exploit and understood how worthless the game is after you get infinite in-game money. Even without the exploit, people never want to adventure or explore the game. Players in game are the worst community an mmo can have. People farm/trade run 24/7. Which left me with a question, are you playing or are you working in archeage? Most people said that they have to “work” in game to keep their “patron” status which only gives them more labor and more land to “work” again. If it were atleast pve based grinding i would have deffinatly stayed in the game for atleast a year more, but at the moment its 90% ppl farming/trade running all the time and the 10% people who are using the exploit and laughing at everyone else.

    • forgot to mention, yes, the duplication works with any other item, which has the loading bar on it’s usage, for example when you turn the thunder tree into thunder logs. You get 4 thunder logs in your inv, and 1 thunder tree in your mailbox. if you know how the duplicate works, you will udnerstand it

  4. muahahah and when i told every1 this game is shit you loughed at me like an angry fanboi… i told u its a grind fest with nothing more

  5. “Are you still playing ArcheAge?” Hell no, only people left playing AA are trash individuals who enjoy grind games with dumpster level end game content.


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