ELOA beta kicks off, Black Desert’s official payment model is revealed, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. I’m still going to buy it, more so because I’m fascinated by the character customization and how dazzling it looks I’d like to experience the quality of this game for myself rather then watch someone play it on twitch or even see videos on youtube; that being said this would probably be the only b2p game I have ever purchased, and i don’t see the potential that it would likely be a waste if I can satisfy my curiosity.

    • Don’t you know? Going from B2P to F2P is a games death knell. If people aren’t willing to pay for it, a cash shop isn’t going to change their minds.

      Sure, they might snare a few extra dollars, but WildStar is doomed.

  2. I think a b2p isn’t bad. It will reduce the amount of gold spammers in the economy, because there is more at stake when you have to pay money in order to make an account. All these people that complain about Black Dessert going b2p are the same people that will complain about all the spam on the f2p servers.

  3. Seeing BDO does not have a healing class and is potion spam central I never had much interest in it. Now that it is going B2P I will have to give this one a pass completely.

    • They often remove focus on healer classes for true combat mmorpgs like Tera, B&S, ect. it’s because they are well aware of how the unpopular healer classes can bar players from enjoying instances and such due to lack of people playing the class as compared to a DPS.

      Honestly the B2P isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. The devs behind this game are fully aware of a lot of the problems of the game, one of which was money giving players on the Russian server a large advantage over nonpaying. B2P is to avoid such a thing on the NA side.

  4. I think BDO is doing B2P Model for a cash grab before switching to f2p so they can get a nice lump of money before switching to f2p which is sad to do the community like that when it is allready f2p in other regions and I have no problem supporting games but i dont think im up for supporting something of this nature

  5. more reasons to play B&S EU/NA anyone wants to play BDO will go to russian,japanease or korean servers its bad news for black desert

  6. Worry not, they will try to milk as much as they can with the B2P model and moderate cash shop… Then it will switch to F2P one year later or so, to recover part of the playerbase lost, with P2W crap like any other eastern MMO.
    Unluckily I think that I can count F2P titles with a fair cash shop on the fingers of one hand… And none of them are MMOs.

  7. Russian f2p has p2w crap. Like allods opening up a sub server, black desert is offering a paid version to get rid of p2w. I support this and pre order. And thank god tons of poor people on dial up wont be in this OB causing server crashes :). Rich people server crashes are better. Like in vanilla wow, we know invested and will meet up when stable. Not just here to show up. Play 5 min. Quit and cry. I.e. F2p crowd.

    • if you manage to do it, let us know! make a forum post and such.

      Currently Russian games don’t IP block a lot. which is why the majority of the time players can enjoy a game like B&S over on the Russian side, HOWEVER they will if the devs request they IP block, which they’ve done with this game.
      If you manage to get though that IP block, come share some knowledge with those waiting for the NA release.


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