DOTA 2 is officially reborn, Blade and Soul finally has a closed beta date, all that and more, this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. if a mmo is developed right i dont think it needs a catch up system at all. and if its hardcore grindy like skyforge i dont even touch it.
    skyforge in particular needs it imo. tho, the progression system was questionable from the get go. the idea sounded good on paper, but it just plays wrong.

  2. Trion sucks!
    Speed mechanics suck too… as this idea only encourages boredom of the game to reach a quicker state 7 or demise. It also points the player to miss what the whole idea of the fantasy is, if they have an imagination in the first place. If a game devs decides to introduce SPEED they may as well forget the storyline all together and stop writing period.

  3. Trion is a joke, i asked for a refund and they said it was refunded. Never got my money back.

    Founder packs are a scam straight up, developers have no binds with their player base to continue updating the game after being released, if it even gets released at all. Stop buying founders pack for the sake of a game’s quality.


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