Carbine preps Wildstar for free-to-play, NCSoft details Blade and Soul’s free-to-play model, all that and more, this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. Still, WildStar has my heart <3 and I hope that with its F2P and new additions it rises to the top… but still I am going to be playing B&S

    • Indeed.. Wildstar looks very good and it is the only mmorpg,with skyforge and MAYBE B&S, I will play (I think).

  2. TERA is still king, and probably will still be after B&S and definitely after Black Desert are released. TERA still has the whole package, while Black Desert is just a pretty game with bad PVE and running on hype. Blade & Soul feels more like a contender to the “free-2-play” crown but it feels incomplete, even after all these years.

    • Not really. I’ve played both and Blade and Soul blows Black Desert out of the water for me. Black Desert is over hyped and overrated. It may be the prettier game but it lacks in the fun game play Blade and Soul has.

        • 1st – as usual*

          2nd – BnS has been around for a few years, I played and got addicted easily in the russian version. I doubt NCSoft will f*ck the game up, so, I am very positive it will be a very special f2p.

  3. I feel bad for all the other MMOs that will have to compete with a legendary game like this, especially since it’s free2play.

    Good luck beating an MMO 5 years in the future.

      • I’ve played both Black Desert and Blade and Soul and I can say from experience that Black Desert is definitely the prettier game but when it comes to content and game play enjoyment Blade and Soul wins.

      • I played both games, for some reason I can’t make black desert look better than BnS in max graphic settings but k.

        in terms of content like pvp and pve BnS is way ahead.

      • I think BnS is good because of the good use of ingame verticality “wind-walking/wall climbing-running/dragon streams” also, it has appealing pvp and pve (and BnS pvp is played as an eSport in asia).

        Tera is just an old friend that started being bored and overplayed and abit stupid (gender-locked classes)


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