Tera becomes the most played MMORPG on Steam, Blade and Soul gets a release window, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. I did coment in blade and soul cruz pay to win, i got few coment, bit when i want write for reply me i cant do it, i got banned. And remember inventor slots, vip, PvP pot, etc in cash shop, you can ser in every b&s publisher

  2. I definitely think people should be allowed to discuss any aspect of a game on the subreddit, especially something as vital as it being P2W. If players of the game like a game enough to make a subreddit for it (or in the rare case the dev makes one) I believe that is asking for open, truthful discussion about the game, good or bad. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to try to censor what users have to say about a game, especially on a third party website like Reddit.

  3. OMG I’m so hyped, played russian version but quit after level ten because it wasn’t update when I heard about it.

  4. blade and soul ?
    let me guess is it a pre alpha, restricted, closed, private, members club only, security clearance, access denied, of limits, trespassing, prohibited, BETAAAA…
    and it will stay like that for more 1 year or 2 until it closes.

  5. People have been playing it on private servers for months if not more than a year already. NC Soft shouldn’t bother releasing it since the private servers are even up to date with the Korean version.

    I played it for a while, the combat is fun, but the game overall gets boring quickly.

  6. P2W should be always open .. FREEDOM of the speech .. locking posts about that by the developers are so wrong .. Players should always have the right to freely comment about the game .
    as the customer about any other product ..
    If we would hear that Coca-cola ban some dude for saying that it taste funny .. or Ford ban his customer for saying that there is something wrong with the brakes in their new car .. there is nothing wrong with that ..
    But when some player comments that this game has massive p2w aspects or is bad in any other way … than he gets a warning and his posts are remove .. that is just crazy …

  7. freedom of speech is super important for a game in order for it to grow . once a game starts banning people for opinions ,it is over for that game .
    an example of that is alganon (an old game from 2009 just relaunched on steam) .
    its dev has been on a banning spree on steam forums and has banned over 85% of its player base from forums for saying things like “its unprofessional to ban people for nothing” lol …..
    that game is so dead .
    another example of total suppression of freedom of speech is warz . i would suggest avoiding any game with anything to do with warz (infestation survival stories or its newest name change romeros aftermath) .
    just avoid them kind of games at all cost guys .

    • warframe is a such bad game now ..
      it was good in alpha and close beta .. but now .. 90% of this game has no sens

          • Not exaggerating, for players have more then a few hundred hours in the game those “few things” are all the new content the game has has to offer besides normal missions and voids, i have not played for a while but the newest things the have added has been Syndicates, Cephalon capture, Sanctuary, Law of retribution, all of which has a daily cap on it. not to mention that daily cap can be be reached quite easily leaving some players with nothing else to do until the next day, even the amount of trades you can do has a daily cap on it.


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