Paladins has hit 4 million players, Bless Online release delay explained, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. For the next episode, could you talk about Let It Die? It’s supposed to b f2p though I’m not sure if it’s a ps4 exclusive or not. It’s been in development for a while apparently but I only heard about it today because of a tweet from Sony. Has anyone played it yet? It might not be out yet but I’m thinking maybe someone played an alpha?

  2. Paladins champions of the realm probably is cool but I don’t think it’s a game I’d ever support. I’m just not a fan of it and I been speaking with a developer of paladins from Hi-Rez in a private chat who I met he kept trying to talk me into trying out the game. But it’s just not a game for me in my opinion maybe it’s good for other people but I perfer overwatch. Also for the people who might say oh that dev I mentioned was fake he wasn’t he was a real dev from Hi-Rez and I won’t say who he was to protect his privacy and identity since I don’t wanna cost him his job or anything.

    • Everyone has a different taste in games, I prefer Paladins over Overwatch because in Paladins majority of the champions can stay alive by them selfs without the need of a healer or tank. Every champion in Paladins is a “jack of all trades”, where in Overwatch it requires a good Support and Tank to be able to function and have a chance of winning. As mostly a SOLO player this keeps me away from Overwatch. But Paladins does need some serious polishing, and I am disappointed that they are already focusing so heavily on Paladins e-sports instead of polishing.

      • I guess but I don’t judge and tell people up front their game is horrible come play the game I play because it’s cool. But paladins is kinda alright but personally I don’t support it because it’s a game I feel that isn’t worth supporting but that’s just my opinion. But I still gotta admit paladins is kinda like the free 2 play version of overwatch and unless Hi-Rez changes something I will never change my answer on this topic.

    • Dude….PLease stop posting here. You are eye cancer. 99% of your posts you state you never play these games, and you weigh in on a bunch of horse shit oppinions. Unlilke, you, I have played this game. And there is nothing to “invest”…. I have ranked up all characters to elvel 14, unlocked all their cards and skills and just skins on certain I have not touched…All in 2 months casual play… And that is just fluff, the core game runs solid. Fine. It’s an arena shooter. Nothing more, nothing less.
      Comparing it to OVerwatch is stupid. BAttleborn is also a thing… So was SONY’s Vampire hunter arena shooter ….So is SMITES arena mode…they all sort of play more less alike… Any ways, it is free, the most you can do is try it. Attack it like it is a NEW experience, Or don’t play it and STFU because you have no idea what you are talking about. Pure retard.

      • As much i dont like you insulting someone over this but its true.
        Asd evey post you make you say you dont play mmos anymore but you need to comment about smth you dont know…..smh.

      • I have played paladins champions of the realm. I don’t know what your talking about lol. But I’m allowed to weigh in on a review site since it’s called a review site. And what you say about me stating about not playing games in 99% of my posts are untrue. And your the pure retard for insulting other users I was just commenting on this article and I’m allowed to compare it to overwatch because I think it’s worth comparing it to since it’s very similar but I do admit there are some things that make it very different in combatwise.

      • Also I’ve already planned to quit since I got better things to do then play crap MMOs all my life like you do cacalips. ENjoy wasting your life on garbage MMOs and wasting your money lol. I’m just making it clear I’m not quitting because all you cry babies been begging me to stop posting here. MMos are overrated for me now so there’s no point for me to post here anymore.

        • Not really dude. MMOs nowadays suck and overated for me like I said. I’m tired of being irritated over every MMO I get into. I’m more like giving up and persuing priorities for now. But I’m unlikely gonna come back here anymore after today.

        • By irritated and annoyed I mean every MMO I get into theres alot of problems like toxic community which is in every MMO so yeah don’t judge me. The pay 2 win is strong in over 90% MMOs and yeah I know devs need to pay for the servers and pay to feed their families and themselves. But I’m done you won’t see me on the reviews anymore I got better things to do then play crappy garbage MMOs. I would of quit months ago but I been here trying to see if any good MMOs would be published in articles on this site but I was wrong. So you bullies,trolls,idiots who sometimes don’t know what they are talking about when they reply to me happy now? I’m quitting the site for good starting tomorrow.

          • ASD is trionisshit, and he is probably also some of the other names that post here. And you call others lifeless MMO players? You live on MMOBOMB

          • I just wanted to make one thing clear. I am not trionisshit. I’m not sure why you think I am trionisshit but I can guarentee that I am not him. Also I have not posted as any other name besides ASD I mean I didn’t have to post this comment but I felt you all had to know this since obviously you think I’m some troll even though I’m not.


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