Closers enters Open Beta, CCP Games has a secret MMO in the works, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. Aion was the first with wings and flying.. but I need a good pc for that game. Been years but, what we all need is a 3D Version of Dugeon Fighter Online with Maplestory combined and Some little factors of Tree of Savior. Tree of Savior is a good game, just need to play alot of it. I wish there will be a game that you can earn Cash currency by only playing the game, with the addition of buying more currency if you want to boost faster in the game. Maplestory 1 is p2w, and its too complicated. That is why private server tribe. Waiting for maplestory 2 to hit the Global version in english. But whats taking them so long. Please ask Nexon for me.

  2. If CCP is to make an mmo and add the level system of EVE online and make it the same way as EVE’s money would be an awesome tittle to play kinda like entropia without the irl money system

  3. im hopeful for the new ccp game but i really want them to get back into making that vampire mmo they where working on from way back when the idea had such potential

  4. I noticed lately over the years more people are hacking Online Video Game to take control over a game made by the developer. I have a very bad feeling if thing don’t get better more people will be a criminal or worse.


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