Warframe info, PSO2 open bets starts tomorrow, and Coronavirus concerns change the video game landscape. All that and more, I’m Ethos and this is Free to Play Weekly!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Ethos is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from MMOBomb.com. This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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  1. GJ. playing Rdr2online, gtav to run a muck, POE for spellcasting fix, stardew valley for pixel mayhem and fallout someday for re-check in today reality madness.
    Not watching much news, CV19 proven news media seems to be making things worse through over coverage. We should all be 2020 calm as we have everything.
    What this virus means is all countries can get back all those industries they thwarted away to others, thus, creating a new fully fledged robotic industry that caters to all our needs bringing back the jobs we do not want to do to the robots!! and then we all live happily ever after..not lol


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