Path of Exile launches a content update, a couple titles have seen their last day, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. I’ve been beta testing AQ3D since 2014 and all I gotta say is I’d be suprised if it became popular since all they are doing is taking AQWorlds,Dragonfable,Adventure Quest Classic and asspects from World of warcraft and mashed it up into a mobile game thats gonna requireenergy just to enter a dungeon. If they start selling energy in the cash shop so you can enter the dungeon without waiting for it to recharge I don’t see AQ3D even becoming remotely popular and I don’t care what people say reguardless of it being in beta or not.

    • Oh Great another Stamina Game that limit your freedom to play a MMO. We got enough of those already plus they are complete Cash grab in the long run.

      • Yup that’s what it’s becoming so far hopefully they will see the players don’t want that and get rid of the stamina system.

      • I doubt your gonna see this post but I been digging around in the comments on their official AQ3D website and it’s sounding pretty much what you sumed it up to be. Your gonna need dungeon keys to enter a dungeon and when your out of them then you gotta wait a certain period for them to recharge but they will sell dungeon keys for micro currency so you don’t gotta wait. I found a developer who posted that info on one of the design/patch notes so I deleted my AQ3D character that game just isn’t worth it. I’d delete my account but they don’t let you do that on a majority of their games so letting mine goto pasture on a alt email I deleted so I can’t recover it.

  2. there are tons of mobas, mmorpg, FPS, TPS, now lots of card games…… why devs doesn’t have brains to create something new on market?! for example cart racing like CTR. or fighting game. just why?! i dont understand. new characters, modes, maps, (visual items in shop: skins, outfits and etc) i could play day n night smth like F2P online crash team racing

    • Entirely new genres are risky as hell, which is why you’ll never find established publishers or developers try to make them, and why they are usually brewed up from independents like mod creators.

      Seriously though, you should be surprised when they try something even slightly new in an already beaten path.

    • “You could play day and night something like F2P online crash team racing” until you get bored with it after a week and then leave never to look back. That’s what happens to 99% of experimental games and that’s why we don’t see too many of them (especially not from large established developers).

    • So true. I’ve even went on AQ3D and there obviously taking asspects of World of warcraft and asspects from their older games and mashing it into a poorly made game. I’d like to see something new buy 2 play with less pressure of cash shops or VIP services or a free 2 play game that doesn’t push cash shops and VIP services heavily on their playerbase.


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