Sony Online Entertainment is no more, report shows barely any players stay in a MMO past year one, all that and more, this is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. say good bye to EQN if they are firing people now the standards are going to drop along with the game , it kinda shows what their game plan is going to be , just another bad company out to milk maximum cash from players with least amount of employees

  2. I did give a second chance to two games

    the first was guild wars 2
    i bought the game and it was so different from other games by game play
    couldn’t adopt to its game play , but i still didint want to give up on it so i went back and fell involve with it cuz the community is great the game gives variety in every aspect , maps , skills , classes , customization , races and more , and its not pay 2 win type of mmos that we see nowadays

    The second one was warframe went out i guess 2 years ago i played it when they released it to open beta didint much enjoy it ,

    not i play only war frame this game has changed so much in the last 2 years , lots of frames (like classes ) to choose from and lots of weapons new enemies , new modes such as Arch wing that changes the entire gameplay and feels like an entirely diffrent game and the community is amazing and helpful , and its not pay 2 win type of deal

    as you all see i ended every time with Pay 2 win , todays mmo have people buy stuff cuz they are forced to buy it , companies are starting to influence gambling addiction to players , and its sad

    buy this and you will be strong than others , i dont like this idea
    buy a mount and you can travel faster (20 dollar mount)
    while its free to play and they need to make money but no in this kind of way …
    its called stealing , people will pay and help the Dev team , but not by stealing their money and not listen to the community , its sad

    sorry for my bad english

  3. I often come back to mmo’s especially free to play ones, been doing some revisits to games like Aion and Terra to see what they have developed and how their vision of an MMO is unfolding. Sometimes you get pleasently suprised like Neverwinter for instance that i just recently gave another try for a short visit but got me stuck for atleast a week.

    Sadly this is the way it is today most of us are just waiting for the next big thing or a game that will change us, Atm im active playing Entropia universe i guess this is because of the real world economy that pulls me in.

    I am also on a quest and have been since the Free to play market arived to find the truly free to play game that being sayd i can only say a few that are close but yet not 100% f2p neverwinter is one of those games.



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