Diablo 3 may be going free-to-play, LawBreakers ditches the free-to-play model, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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    • The best thing i can say is, just make another site or link/tab separating the two models it gives you guys some more chances of reviewing other mmos out there…so far it seem like you guys really, i mean REALLY want to review BDO (thats my only input in the subject matter)!

  1. I don’t mind B2P but please keep it in it’s own News Tab.

    Personally; I believe that the Decision of Lawbreaker isn’t a favorable one, no because it’s no longer free. it’s because the game will become repetitive over time and lose players and finally will enter in dying state only to change to F2P but will put a dent to their reputation that will no recover.

    Also what happened in Diablo it was a visual bug displaying the china version of Diablo 3

  2. NO we will not like b2p games on here .
    we already have websites we go to for games like COD and BATTLEFEILD . THE DIVISION , SPLINTER CELL . 5 NIGHTS AR FREDDIES .H1Z1 , GTA5 ect ect .
    YOU MAY not put b2p on this site no

  3. As far as covering b2p games goes, I think that it’s fine as long as there is clear separation at all times.
    You can have it in the same shows but you should have a f2p section run first and then at the end do the b2p section. And clearly state which is which.
    Then for the site you need separate tabs, ie, f2p news, b2p news and all news. And the same goes for the games section. As long as you can clearly tell the b2p content from the f2p content, I think that diversifying content isn’t a bad thing.

  4. Sheeps lol. The problem with buy to play is that it is just a scam. The game is gonna be free to play but first they will milk people like you

    • Well its true if you buy game and dont know if you will like it, and after few hours you dont like game and they dont refund = you have wasted 40-60 $. But in some cases b2p have given really good financial boost for more content etc. They mostly goes f2p when their b2p have failed, cant attract new players. I personally dont mind b2p if game dont force you to pay 40-60$ for game and gameplay dont force you buy items from market to get full expierence.

    • yeah maybe 20 idiots here in comments saying “yes pleasse give us COD” when the other 42000 people have sites dedicated to those games we would rather visit for that info .
      YES MMOBOMB PLEASE COMMIT SUICIDE AND TRY AND COMPETE WITH PEOPLE THAT ALREADY DOMINATE THAT MARKET . stick to your own market or make a new website just for that market . do not try and do both .

  5. Buy to play would be an huge step up since you guys content and site is based on free to play, why limit yourself to just showing free to play games. A lot of the games that you guys have brought up in the past has gone to buy to play, you say “we can’t talk about that game ever again since its not free. you talk about subscription based or hybrid type payment model mmos on the site so I don’t see much of a difference

  6. Hey!
    I would mind b2p. Then they should have separated News tab and maybe show? But for me would be enough with News in page, anything else would be only extra.


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