Revelation Online gets a closed beta date, Eve Online’s free-to-play mode gets a release date, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Its not F2P at all!

    simply put…its a gimmick that locks you in a cell and you got pay to get out.

    Just another stupid idea from CCP

  2. As an Eve Online player over several years, I feel the F2P design is somewhat limited in the sense of what ships you can fly. The game itself is mostly PvP oriented, with most of the combat fleets comprised of Battlecruiser class ships or higher, and anything smaller (which is all you get access to with the current proposed F2P model) almost always demands its Tier 2 counterpart. Given that you are restricted to only Tier 1 items as F2P, I would like to see at least Battlecruiser class ships included in the F2P model.

    • Agreed. I’m assuming the limited F2P is more like a unlimited trial except they take some core parts of the game away and it persuades the user to buy a subscription. They could of given the free players something so they don’t gotta rely on the tier 2 counterpart. I’m not a fan of this F2P model but I get they are mostly doing it to try to get more people to play their game.

      • I’m unaware if there is since I was never into eve online that much 7 but from what I remember you were able to from the auction house but Idk since I never tried eve online. But I have been interested in Eve online’s game development since I’m into world of warcraft so I check into it time to time. I might finally check it out since it’s going F2P.

    • hello is can with free to play limited mode can you earn money in game and buy plex and upgrade account or you need to buy for first time subscribe ??

  3. I am not really into mobas but even I have to admit the way crush online was built makes me interested with it. I just hope revelation online is awesome how they devs are claiming it is I hope it isn’t another claiming our game is so cool then when you log on it’s lame. But I’m planning to join revelation online after it launches. But I have no idea what to say about eve online’s free 2 play system. I wanna say it’s lame but it feels like it’s just right but I’m against the free 2 play system they are doing but obviously they are doing it to gain more players. In my opinion I rather just subscribe I don’t think eve online’s free 2 play service is worth it.


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