Cabal 2 spirals into open beta, Skyforge announces its open beta date, all that and more, this is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Hate to say it but most of the commenting people here are the i want it now crowd… you would think by now you would know cabal 2 would stink like maybe… every single mmo released in the last 10 years? and get better over time. You should never, ever, ever first.. buy into early access & never ever ever… play the game on the first day or two of launch unless your ok with extreme lag, server crashes and launch problems since these companies are all lazy… sadly ive come to terms that blade & soul and everything inbetween will have all these problems and more. Im playing and doing ok now after a few days of hiccups, hell i stream it live on twitch and my people watching arent as frustrated as you noobs at staring at me trying to log back in. Want to see how its really done come watch for a spell @ – i dont fast level to max, i don’t whine when i get booted @ random & i read every quest. Grow a pair people – its gaming not work escape to it stop trying to make it perfection and move to something else when a servers down for a few mins or has a patch or isnt something you like other shit exists.

  2. Cabal II is ridiculous go for LOTRO or RIFT if u whant a real F2P well…. LOTRO is for ppl who dont wipe whit rock and have 50 buks once in theyr life. and RIFt if u dont mind the gamebreaking bugs.

  3. Cabal 2 sucks most annoying game i ever came across compared to this EOS is way better even tho i hated it after few weeks and uninstalled thinking cable 2 would be better fuk it was such a disappointments & a waste of time downloading fuk now i have to go back to Lol

  4. Open Beta should have already conducted stress-test and worked on optimization via FPS, customers/gamer’s want to a least enjoy the game whereas they can move, jump, attack smoothly. This can be a challenge based on the age in which a a variety of players PC are, however many releases are considering that and producing quick fixes like opening another server quickly or making FPS issues a primary concern thereby investing resources quickly to resolve known issues. My hope is that future games learn from past/present poor launches (Cabal 2) and work to release smooth playable FPS note-worthy games,

    • “Future games learning from their mistakes”, nope never going to happen.
      As long as there are idiots that buy into these crap, premium, founders, early access,etc. These companies will always rush everything out the door too make a quick $$$.

  5. Lets pretend Cabal 2 and AA never happened. And look forward to Blade & Soul and Black Desert and pray they’re not disappointments.

  6. Cabal II is ridiculous. Past type combat system, completely rude with lore, and ugly with the Character Customization. I didn’t play the first title, but i suppose that the first one were better than this.

    – New concept of classes.
    – Genderlock classes idea removed
    – some good skill effects.

    – Ugly and ridiculous Character Creation, for a game with so much development this should be something that the developers should put more effort.
    – Unnatural mob reactions. Ok. It’s not an obrigatory thing but, c’mon. We’re in 2015… Monsters and Bosses are completely rocks, they don’t suffer impact with attacks or skills.
    – Glitchy movements. Even the characters of the game have problems with casting skills and using habilities… need MUCH MORE EFFORT.
    – Past type interface. Nothing to worry much, but the whole interface is a little bit poluted.
    – Ridiculous lore and tutorial. The tutorial don’t show what we need to know.
    – NPC interaction. Use the ‘F’ buttom… But sometimes it doesn’t work properly… you need to click with the mouse, so what’s the matter?
    – And for the last, Poor Terrain, Cities, Enviroment design. Looks like i’m playing tibia.

    So Cabal II, you need to improve MUCH MORE to be a nice game. Even more to fight against other titles as TERA, Aion (wich still online and full of people), Skyforge, Blade n’ Soul, Black Desert and others.

  7. Cabal 2 is pathetic, Cant believe I fell for it again. At least I didnt buy any founder packs. Stayed up all night till like 4am I think to try it out and well I had to DC shortly after as I did not see anything new with this title.

    Some people might enjoy it but I dont see why, when there is many other games to choose from that offer the exact same thing but with better quality. I dont even think these developers put much into the story or lore at all. Its like they go and design this combat system and cash shop then chuck in a fragmented story with crappy cut scenes.

    Whats that you say, its only open beta…..Mwhahahahahah, good one. I think they fell for it.

    • I have to agree with you, the game is pathetic and very glitchy. What made me actually quit was the lame architecture in the capital city.

      I’ve never paid for a game in my life, but a few weeks ago I bought The Elder Scrolls Online and I’m so happy with it.

    • i have to admit that i really wanted to give it a try since i loved cabal 1, but, cabal 2 was such a crap game that i coulndt stand it for 2 days, i literally was not able to log in the first day, and when i did in the second day i just got so disapointed i uninstalled it after 1 hour of play. that was one lame experience.


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