The Nilfgaard arrives in Gwent, Cloud Pirates early access has kicked off, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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      • Well the difference is that Wildstar does have an option to subscribe and gain benefits, right? Path of Exile has no such option. Only cosmetic items.

        • The sub benefits are basically time savers ..more mats and currency drops, xp gains and such. The free player can aquire everything that the sub player can with just a bit more grinding. So to sub in Wildstar just streamlines the experience and is, imo worth every penny. Will check out Path of Exile, though

  1. Warframe and Wildstar… Tryed and just uninstalled Mobius Final Fantasy when late last night in search for a card database found a reddit scheme to farm seeds (XP) using auto-mode, basically the game plays itself out…

  2. None because they all suck. I will if a good one releases but till then I’m staying away from F2P games and MMOs in general. I know what people will say since I’m on this site but I sometimes check to see when a new MMO releases so I can check it out to see if it’s a good game to join but so far none are good from my experience.

  3. Wildstar because it’s still a really fun game and the new update looks very impressive and Twin Saga because it’s a fun time sink while waiting for Bless Online’s NA release.

  4. I currently returned to SWTOR why??

    Mainly because they fixed the issues i had with the combat system and made it more easy to control and fun, the way they made sorcerer class is just superb and im having alot of fun..

    On a sidenote i play alot of path of exile aswell since its prolly the best ARPG out there cheers 🙂


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