Hearthstone’s newest adventure is announced, Ghost in the Shell: First Assault has moved into open beta, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Chase on August 5, 2016

    Testing a game is a service game dev’s should appreciate not get paid for. If your game is in early access it isn’t complete and there will probably be a wipe. The hype to play a game shouldn’t take precedence over the state of the game.

  2. John cena on August 1, 2016

    Yes, just keep milking.

  3. Todoran on August 1, 2016


  4. caelum on August 1, 2016

    Hey can I ask one thing only whats the name of the front cover picture that female character that have wings.. could you tell me the name ?

  5. max power on July 31, 2016

    BTW i would think that long comments would be good for you at mmobom because its free extra contect . extends the length of the show and hey maybe even you could get an entirely new show with just the comments ???.

  6. max power on July 31, 2016

    yes early access is good IF they do not pull the crap like space engineers staying in early access for years and years .

  7. ASA on July 31, 2016

    No. I rather choose buy 2 play games then free 2 play because free 2 play games are garbage in my opinion.

    • Risea on July 31, 2016

      Cool, then you ‘re in the wrong forum

    • ASA on July 31, 2016

      I should of given more of a statement before I submited my first comment but I do check some out but most of them are garbage in my opinion but ghost in the shell and maybe hearthstone are ok in my book.

      • Merkadis on August 5, 2016

        The “my-first-year-playing-mmos” book?
        Okay. 😀

      • ASA on August 13, 2016

        This isn’t my 1st year playing MMO’s dumbass.