Snail Games enters the mobile wars, Free To Play gaming is found extremely profitable on consoles, Zombie Studios closes their doors, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes, and this is Free to play weekly!

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  1. No surprise there. Console gamers are used to playing lower quality games. There are good f2p for the pc but almost all of them started as p2p.

  2. It comes as no surprise that F2P is extremely profitable on consoles–it’s a relatively untapped market. Think of it as the wild west and you are a snake oil salesman. If you scam one town but go far enough across the country, you’ll be able to scam another town’s worth of people because they haven’t been exposed to you yet.

    Same deal here. PC players (in general) are a tad more discerning concerning F2P games and awful models because they’ve been exposed to it for so many years. F2P on consoles is such a new thing that the many, many people who only game on consoles haven’t a clue what a proper F2P model will look like..and thus can be suckered in by the bad ones.

    It’s a case of “what they don’t know won’t hurt them”. From a business perspective it is genius–but of course at a cost to a bit of human decency. Yay capitalism.

    • Yeah capitalism does ruin a lot but, F2P in america is still new. Unlike in Korea, China, Japan and others. Its been a rocky road along the path but this is the future of gaming. Most of the games will be Pay2Win but…they have to make money someway. Personally I am very excited for 2015-2016 F2P market.

  3. It would not surprise me if more Chinese and possibly Korean FTP studios started coming out with consoles. The one shown from Snail Games I have no doubt is most likely from a third party manufacturer that will almost assuredly get re-branded to several different distributes. A console like this makes sense in Asia where most MMO gamers don’t own their on computer and play at internet cafes. A cheap console that they can afford and play at home should go over well.

    What I don’t see though is many of them making it to the west. There just isn’t a big enough market.

  4. Founder pack is just a waste of money. You just don’t know if the game will last. Not like Maplestory which attracts people from all ages.

  5. many try many fail the current console market belongs to Xbox, Play Station and Nintendo try to make your own console at this point 2015 it will be a complete fail even more for a company like snail games this idea will disappear like a dust in the wind in a couple of months.


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