Heroes of the Storm has a launch date, SWTOR’s 12x experience boost is set to make a return, all that and more, this is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. 2 things 1st.-buying an closed beta founder pack from aeria games is just lel they cant make a good game they can only ruin a good one or make something like a new age pokemon game called aura kingdom and yes you wont miss the p2w aspect whell its aeria games soo no one expects less
    and the worst game launch EVER was when aeria bought wolf team thats the day when the game died from the first minute every one could see how much p2w crap they managed too put in 1 game soo yes the game died in 1 week gj AERIA and why would you even bother puthing them in a f2p section they cant make a f2p game they can make a 1 month pay 2 win games with weak story lines bad mechanics bad grapichs that would only wake up an interest of a 2 year old kid who just now droped his imaginary pet blanket too goo play an aeria game.and i could add some of the other bad launches like lets say apb the game was born buggy raised abd died or 1 more title like aion where the devs begged people dont use the gates you are killing our cheap 2$ server whell thats a litle contribution from me have fun flaming nerds

  2. Can’t really decide between SWTOR’s patch 3.0 update and Archage’s launch…. both bugged to high heaven and lagging more than WoW on K7 CPUs. I expected some lag but an actually finished product… got neither :((

  3. APB had the worst launch ever. I mean, the team that made it completely went under. All of the team’s employees were laid off. It’s sad because it was an amazing game. The game was later relaunched as APB:Reloaded and one of the splash screens when you boot the game is “In Memoriam, Realtime Worlds”.

  4. neverwinter because what ever they did when they were doing maintnance its causing log in problems. So heres what happens I log in right and when i choose my character and bla bla bla. I watch the intro of neverwinter and when the intro is done it freezes up. And doesn’t go into character creation. It just freezes up.

  5. I’d have to agree and say Archeage. Not that the launch day itself was the worst but more because it took weeks to fix some of the problems, heck some of them were not fixed within months.

    Second place I’d give to Dark Fall Unholly Wars.

    For the best launch I’d say that was guild wars 2.

    • Really guild wars 2 as best launch? You couldn´t even play with your friends on one server in the first few weeks and the auction house didn´t work either. Oh and the instances also didn´t work for the first few weeks.

      • I was a leader for a guild that had more then fifty people. No one in our group had problems with meeting up together. The only thing I agree with there that was a large problem was the auction house. That didn’t work for anyone. The other things worked fine for many which is still better then how most mmo launches are now a days.

    • I actually didnt remember this one at all and have to admit it had it pretty bad for a lot of time, the question is will archeage beat it. It is now a race who had it worst firefall, who came out alright but it took years or archeage, who to this day keeps working on his goal to have the worst launch. But still if you ask this question now it has to be firefall simply because it had it the longest.

    • wrong firefall has a pretty good launch considering its the beta that was the problem and completely changing the game as well


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