Revelation Online gets its open beta date, Skyforge is coming to the PS4, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. NONE.
    .once games start being all on the same thing which is slowly happening it’ll become boring.
    I bought the only console ever in my life years ago! Its still sat here in front of me alone and unwanted as the games for these machines are way too expensive! & after I bored of Red Dead Redemption! that game was limited on the PS3. I can not for love of me think why Rockstar thought it to be a console game, when it was really better suited for a PC game mmo game. As usual, Rockstar marketeers are thick as two bricks when it comes to PC releases.

    • Well to be fair rockstar games is releasing a sequal called Red dead redemption 2 this fall. Maybe it will be better then red dead redemption the first one that released on ps3 who knows. Only time will tell but sometimes I feel you might be right some single players feel like they would of been better off as MMOs and some MMOs feel like they would of been better off as single player games. Sometimes the devs should sort through all possibilities instead of rushing a project to the market then saying ok done what’s the next project? That’s what it feels like in the MMO market anymore which is why I try to avoid it as much as possible but I do check out a few MMOs once in a while.

      • Also if I was gonna develop an MMO which I probably won’t since I decided to persue different I feel like most MMOs anymore are garbage. A perfect MMO comes from developing and ideas and not rushing the project and and having it half finished. I know it will never be finished since you will be updating it as long as it’s lifespan is but still most MMOs I’ve seen have half of it’s functionalities not there on launch day and not listening to it’s playerbase even though they ask for feedback so what’s the point of asking for feedback if your going a different way? Makes no sense to me I know it’s their game but if your just gonna piss off your playerbase with every game you release or every update you do you might as well get out of the MMO developer or video game developer business.

  2. I’d love to see AQ3D come to consoles the bad part is their developers are so unreliable they had a update that was supose to come a month ago and it’s still not here yet and there’s a whole list of other issues but I’d love to see it come to consoles if the devs can get their act together but I honestly doubt they will. I’d love to see World of warcraft ported to consoles but I don’t think it will it seems more like a PC game and it will probably ruin the game at best I’d love to see it ported to steam at some point. I’d love to see clubpenguin ported to consoles I know it’s a kids game and that it’s shutting down but disney said they were building a new version called clubpenguin island. I’d love to see clubpenguin island ported to consoles but they said it will be for mobile devices only I’d love to see it on the windows 10 store since it’s games are mostly for mobile all across devices. I know it will likely never happen but I’d love to see harry potter years 1-7 ported from last gen systems to this gen systems I’d love to see it in real time graphics.


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