SWTOR’s lead developer wants people to feel good about spending money, Skyforge Pay 2 Win controversy sparks heated debate on forums, all that and more, this is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Obviously Blade & Soul and Phantasy Star Online 2. People have been waiting for those games for ages, and even though we can easily go on foreign servers, I think most people would like to have a more localized server.

    (Also Lime Oddysey, that shit still isn’t released after more than 5 years of translating)

  2. Actually @Cryht if you do the FUN scratch you can earn a ‘My Room Pass 3 days’ thing where you can have a premium room for up to three days and they’re fairly common or buy them from the ExCube shop, really. So, you don’t really have to pay any real life money to get one.

  3. Phantasy Star online 2. I want it now!! sega has been goofing off for several years so far and have not given us PSo2 yet.. i played it with some patches and love the game. the only things they need to do to be useable over for west is translations, and make it so the player housing aka the player Dorm room is not paid per week with cash.

    • The likelihood of seeing PSO2 come to america is not dissimilar to the likelihood of Robin Williams rising from the grave to film Jumanji 2.


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