SMITE reaches the 10 million player milestone, Blade and Soul reveals a 7th class, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Normal. Wildstar ahh Wildstar P2P not lucky and we have F2P. This game haves bug monitor glichering for more player’s. Blade and soul its fantastic game, have good game performance and other stuff’s. Lineage 2 its so bigest space! 100 lvl run run run place to place 1-100lvl, I think Lineage 3 and Blade & Soul best game in NCsoft future. Sorry for bad eng :/

  2. NCsoft?
    I lost faith in them LONG Ago.
    Lineage 1 was fun, Lineage 2 had so much potential and some aspects were ahead of its time… But they ignored us American Players constantly. I got banned as well as many others in Lineage 2 due to billing issues. NCsoft did not provide a description for the charge for my Bank of America Account. BoA will consider the charge fraudulent if no description is provided by charging party within 30 days. NCsoft considered this charge back as fraud and banned me with an email that said “Ban is irreversible”. I stopped caring about them after that. I knew Aion would be a failure due to NCsofts past.

    Since then they have been tripping left and right. I hate the company but feel bad if people below the decision makers lost their positions.

  3. I could careless about B&S at this point.. Whats the point of playing it after almost 10 years after it was announced? Been playing PSO2, Skyforge as of now and waiting for Black Desert. Blade and soul is too damn 2008. Dead old news that I don’t even give half of a rat’s ass.

    [censored] you NCSfot. Save your money and keep pumping ShitStar for all the eternity.

    PS: I hope you get hacked and lose all your money.

  4. Closed Exteel, bought Metal Rage but never release or beta it; forever delay B&S to milk their shitty Wildstar. I hope NcSoft gets hacked & lose everything.

  5. NcSoftNA tends to ruin the games they publish. I would be surprised if they retained any players after a few month from release, personally I hope they lose money with this but that is just because I’m salty but non the less NcSoftNA is quite an awful company.

  6. blade and soul got leaked in english in 2012 in english and at that point ,every gamer worth their salt played it to death. and honestly should now be completely over that game years ago .
    anyone that is waiting for it makes me both sad and laugh .

    • I’ve been waiting since ’08 when the announcement trailer was released and haven’t touched it yet. How’s that make you feel?

      • I too have been waiting since ’08, which is why I no longer care about it. When it was announced, and even when it was released in Asia, the idea of an action based MMO was a new idea, but at this point it is soooo far behind the ball on that compared to games like Tera, Neverwinter, Skyforged, etc. that there is no real point in getting worked up about it. Especially when you consider that Black Desert will probably be in open beta later this year and Phantasy Star Online 2 has removed it’s region lock once again.

  7. Nope. So what if they’ve ‘revealed’ a 7th class out of 8 on Blade and Soul? Already looks like they’ll be trailing far behind on releases just as they’ve trailed behind on actually releasing it.

  8. I have been actively boycotting NCSoft, Free to play or not, since the shutdown of City of Heroes. The way the shutdown was handled was horrendous, with no warning at all considering there was even another issue scheduled for release. Even though I was a Guild Wars fan and had originally thought of checking out Guild Wars 2, I did not because I would not give NCSoft another dime.

    • Guild Wars 2 and Arenanet are pretty separated from NCSoft when it comes to business models, so much so that if NCSoft failed I’m pretty sure A-Net and GW2 would survive. Considering that the Guild Wars franchise is about the only successful title that NCSoft is currently publishing in NA, and it’s primarily because it is practically an in-name-only setup, I am not sure if they have the chops to pull themselves out of the fire considering the stupid amount of time that they have delayed Blade & Soul and the gimmick of it’s action combat has been outdone by other competing titles while they hedged their bets on Wildstar.

  9. I’m not happy with the Company overall since they been falling upon bad in-game managements and still im here and i have to say that im glad that we are finally gonna be able to play this game that we have wait for so long, one of my biggest fear is the Pay2Win issue so all we have is hopes for it to not become Aion#2.


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