DOTA 2 Is Reborn, Bethesda dives into the Digital Card Game market, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Dota 2 new engine.. they pissed on the player base so if a new engine can save them GL.
    Ive taking my moba bussiness elsewhere since i find Dota2 being the same as golf a rich mans game.

    question of the week:
    Yes i think its good to have this in a mmo today why you might ask? Well concerning the illigal powerleveling activity going on where people pay alot of money to get that level 60 or whatever just to get hacked im happy to see people can do it safely in a game(who knows maybe Bioware gets it). And if this nets more money for epic development on a game that could be the best star wars game why not.

    As a old SWG player i must however say i miss the sandbox aspect of the starwars games today the times i had in that game I prolly never will see again, sweet memory lane.
    But then again who knows maybe we will see Sandbox aspects comming to swtor aswell we can always hope. cheers.

  2. As a casual gamer, why have or even pay for instant lvl ? .If you don’t have the time to play and get that well earned lvl why even play the game ? .Is that not the whole point, you play these games knowing your going to be questing and possible grind fest.Like console games you played 1 2 3 4 + of what ever games so you know how it goes so now does that mean if you can get a cheat to max you out and make all the main content finished, you will enjoy it ???

    I play some fps’s and mmorpg’s, now i am not the best on any or all that high but i sure hell don’t want to be paying money to make everything already done for me, it’s not fun it’s lazy! we all been there over and over but you are the one who is going back there to these games to start from scratch so just play from start and enjoy the content!

  3. end game is all that matters . the grind from 1 to max is an archaic and outdated and ugly not to mention stupid idea .
    boost directly to max level is the future and is better then just ok .
    one day there will be no leveling just end game and any games that do not take advantage of this will suffer sure death .
    the sooner game companies realize this the better ,not just for them but for all the gamers aswell .
    its all in the end game . everything else is puke .
    this is the future . a world of no leveling , no grinding , no boring and yawn worthy “questing” .

  4. I think offering instant Max lv is fine as long as the game was out for a long time before hand.This to encourage new players to come in and not feel like they are always 10 steps behind, i know the reason i never played wow was because of that reason. (and at this point i see no reason to play it even with the instant max lv)

    • The problem that comes to my mind is how does adding intaMax lv influences all the quests and content that was made in order to allow a player to lv up. But if you put the marketing into perspective it does make sense because their main goal is money. After all money is money, who cares for the amount of time they put in making all the side quests and storyline.

    • So in short, you feel offended by those who put tons and tons of their time and effort into their characters to be 10-100-1000 steps ahead of you, and so you want a quick way to their level without putting any effort at all, sound ’bout right? Yup, think so. Sounds like you’ll be right at home in P2W games.


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