Snail Games takes aim at H1Z1, A couple games introduce new heroes, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Susanna scrive:Caro Luciano,ho apprezzato molto questa tua proposta ! Sono una ArtCounselor e utilizzo spesso la metafora, le immagini e il linguaggio non verbale per agevolare le persone a divenire consapevoli di aspetti di sè. Inoltre anche il counseling ha la prerogativa di focalizzarsi sugli aspetti positivi e sulle risorse piuttosto che su quello che non va. Sono modalità potenti e accolte con piacere e sorpresa dalle persone.Non credo che possiamo definirci &qq&o;colleghiouutt; ma sicuramente ci muoviamo su basi comuni.Un grande saluto e a presto !Susanna

  2. I like snail games but their forums pages are a mess and the USA version of snail games USA is not worth using. But if the zombie game is worth it I might come back and try it.

  3. The MMO Bomb Community is a ghost town. it used to be lively back when the gaming developer use to care for their community in 2000 gaming time. The people no longer give feedback anymore on any game that they played for a amount of time. (Only a few active player left on this media site)

    • agree, games need feedback but 99% posts are about upcoming ASIAN ugly looking “gei” mmo’s and pay to play free trial games like Rift and SWtOR…. even authors don’t give a “faq” to write and discuss something in comments…

    • Yeah nowadays all the developers care about is making money and keeping the minimum upkeep. Anytime when I see a post about something needing fixed or when I report something needs fixed or a problem they say they are working on it and 2 years later still nothing is done about it.

    • What I forgot to mention is the only thing they get done ASAP is payment problems from my experience. Any other problem it’s just tossed aside and they bring out functionality no one really wants and the functionality people want they say they hear us and to send feedback but do they listen? No they do not which is why I’m not suprised the gaming developers don’t care. I agree not alot of people seem to give feedback anymore and the developers should be directing people towards the forums instead of using social media to communicate in my opinion or at least using both. I’ve known developers who abandoned their forums just to communicate with their playerbases on social media and say just use the forums but they don’t even read the forums which is quite laughable. But yeah like I said I agree with you the gaming developers don’t care about us no more it’s all paid 2 win even if some claim they aren’t I need proof before I believe it I’m tired of them burning a hole in my wallet and one thing I would love is if they actually had staff who worked on the game before releasing it instead of using the players as free labor. I know that closed beta and open beta is having players help out but I mean theres some MMOs I’ve known that would just have the players do the work instead of have their own staff do it before making sure it’s ready for the public to try and test out. There is one thing I’ve love to see in future MMOS I doubt it will happen for every one but I’d love to contact a GM ingame like how blizzard entertainment has it set up in World of warcraft. It is really handy and a great idea in my opinion.


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