Skyforge announces a massive update, could League of Legends’ reign be nearing an end, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Did League ever had a reign in something big? I only know that it was the king of shit and lies. “Most popular MOBA and even Free-2-Play game” , what a funny joke!

  2. league will never die just like wow or ever quest shit even diablo2 has people playing if its got a good fan base and makes alot of money it will not die

  3. Never was good. If you like playing the same games over and over… run a lane… kill… die… win… repeat and repeat… for the casual weekend warrior lamers. MOBA’s are dying, just like the games name LOOOOOL it sucks….

  4. The game is not bad, but the community and the people who work behind the game, oh well, they suck, and community is everything in an online game.

  5. League of Legend is a alright game but I say it is unknown if it be getting shut down or continue with more champion for the update future. Only riot know if their game will success or fail to get people Attention on League.

    • Yes I Argee many people down the comment are freaking out.
      I think is time to say good bye MMO Bomb been a while trip with the news site of new games and shut down games. (Peace)

  6. IS LEAGUE OF LEGENDS’ REIGN NEARING AN END?………………… are low IQ ppl that to the same pvp only content again again and again again again again and again extinct? nope! dont think so….

    • Would like to point out, while I don’t play league anymore. Calling someone low IQ while using terrible English and all caps in the beginning kind of shows that you’re the one with a low IQ. Instead of bashing people for games they like, why not go outside. Get a pet, learn to love your neighbor or find someone to love. Or maybe just calm down and learn that people will like what they like.

      Don’t hide behind your anonymity and feel like a keyboard warrior. We no longer need those in this day and age. So pack up your stuff and kindly leave. Or stay, but don’t run your mouth. See You Web Troll.

      • lol omg web rat :)) here…. u have the honor of geting a response i dont reply to web rats ….. here fell speacial! :))
        1 .”IS LEAGUE OF LEGENDS’ REIGN NEARING AN END” is copy/paste from mmo bombs title so yeah…
        2. im not born in a eng native language….. so yeah f…k y…u! i get a pass u gramar nazi pice of shit……!
        u are right but… what u say “Don’t hide behind your anonymity and feel like a keyboard warrior. We no longer need those in this day and age. So pack up your stuff and kindly leave. Or stay, but don’t run your mouth. See You Web Troll.” ITS FOR YOU TO IDIOT! :))))))) so web rat like u say pack up your stuff and kindly f…k off u moron!….

  7. League use to be a great game when it was more stand up fights, now with so many OP chars and given all the flash, teleport, hide skills I just find it boring.

  8. I was never interested in league of legends and after I took one look at the gameplay on youtube the only thing I can say is I hope it dies off for good.

    • I used to think the same way, but then I started playing it, tried to stop but it just doesn’t happen, lol, It’s easy to say something if you haven’t done it.

  9. they killed ranked mode by allowing 5 man stacks to play vs solos, also shitty changes last 3 years, both balance wise and item wise, didnt like their developement direction at all, and neither did any of my friends, most moved to dota2/other games. Not to mention incredible laziness and trying to milk money by 90% of new content being paid skins/champions to get $$, they promised achievements and new client 4 or 5 years ago. The barrier of entry is so big as well, it was okay few years ago with half the champions but now unless you spend money you will need to grind for months to get enough IP to be on equal ground with people. Every new champion apparently needs dash/crowd control/damage/shield, no one asked for this, I much more prefer dota2 design by going very specialised hero roles instead of making everyone almost the same, which ends up in 3-5 picks on each lane being “meta” because of raw stats.

  10. League is shit, meta is the same for almost 3-4 seasons. People start realizing now, it’s about time. Just go play Dota 2, meta changes drastically every patch. Why would anyone gimp themselves by playing an inferior game that is more appealing to children and casual.

    Can’t u see that? Pro league streamers stream 24/7, pro dota 2 players CAN’T do that due meta changes and have to skirmish every day nonestop and qualify for major tournaments through leagues.

    Too bad League is more of a social game than actual gameplay, sad sad.

    (this is coming from someone that has 3k hrs of league and 4.4k hrs of dota 2 and played both competitively).

  11. QOW : I expect LoL to come back full force in 2-3 months … people who got addicted to MOBA’s will always get back to their main after the new trends fade away.


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