Warframe launches a new content update, Nexon is prepping a free to play version of Titanfall, all that and more, this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. titanfall should not turn into free to play. when we got so many games that are already free to play out there that are shuting down from low playerbase support or fill with many hacker or the game being pay to win and those to buy to play or pay to play games. it should stay that way.

  2. Mobile game market now is like moba boom that still isn’t quite over.
    They will eventually cool off when they ate enough of the almighty $$$ tossed at them by fools.

  3. More mobile mmos? how about More Good Action combat open world PC mmos? only TERA atm to bad they dont care about lore…… and add damn toy cars mounts for idiot kids. 🙁

  4. Yes, there should be. Because there are a lot of opportunity. The mobile device users are increase rapidly, so the market is very huge. More than that, the existing games are not good enough to keep their players lock in. Even these people already play 2 or 3 games now, they still want to find some new games which they can satisfy. This is not the time to give up on the mobile game. Maybe it just need to fix something or change into something and then the mobile game will never be as the same as it is now.

    • Well yeah i got your point since Japan has a bigger market on the handheld device, but still MMO’s should be played on a Desktop for full experience, thinking that rather be placed on a small device that they will downgrade most of the game’s features would be a waste, (well not exactly if the MMO is like Zenonia then it should be fine cuz of 2d) but anything else 3d would be a waste.

      • If your main point is playing on PC for full experience, there is no full experience because experience has no limit. But if the full experience is your experience on some MMORPGs on PC, you will never get it on mobile games. For now, your experience on mobile games might be not satisfy and a lot of people might be the same too but in the future, the mobile experience will be better. Many developers still do not give up, so they might be able to do somethings. But I don’t think the best experience for the mobile games have to be the same as PC, it might be but it can be new experience too.

  5. to the answer of should there be more mobile games my answer is “hell to the no” Mobile games should stick to phones and only phone and computer games should stick to computers no for a good comparison would you mix a bathroom with a kitchen for convenience for two thing you do in life.

    • Now this is much better, much like Final Fantasy XIV when you log on to Lodestone it gives you options and see your character, if they can make an APP that can command in game characters to do the labor work of like lets say leveling up your crafting job? since its just on that same spot pressing the ok button, it would be much better to be remotely controlled rather than sticking to your computer just pressing “OK”.


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