Nosgoth has been cancelled, Dirty Bomb receives its biggest update yet, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. I am proud to say I have never spent money on a f2p game, I prefer finding ways around the pay walls. (before anyone accuses me of hacking or scamming, I meant by fining ways to play more than is easily accessed)

  2. its hard to say . so many games i spent huge amounts on but never on the cash shop or on micro transactions . NOPE i spend the money on buying gold from chinese gold sellers ,which i use to buy power in game .
    everything orange name epic item +15
    ez scrubs .
    GG surrender at 20 .

  3. 100 & after I’d spent it on a revenge thing,( the game was p2w,) I found I was far too engrossed & got massively caught up in the revenge & grievance thing, I had let the game make me get that way, I just left after all that spending & never went back! My lessoned learned was don’t let the game dictate or change you. its a game, enjoy it.
    Forget the morons, they are always going to be in there. take a breath..& if all else fails.. run or stay logged off for a while, don’t let those that want to, spoil your game.
    Just chillax..& .enjoy the game

  4. roughly £1200 on Dragon Nest which i regret doing simply because a few month ago the servers where wiped all data was lost with no Backups i have 612 Hours recorded on Steam all wasted and no real compensation from the devs.

    • Omg, really ? All wiped with no compensation ? Why ? Generally they don’t do that even with a publisher change… Unless the game was closed down for some time.

      Glad I didn’t invest much time in that game, even if it was somehow appealing at begin. Knowing myself I would have spent some cash too.

    • However you paid it, you can obtain the invoice from it, call the company and insist for them to give whatever you had back. ive done this when they thought I was a gold buyer in FFXIV. showed proof, got 6 months free and all my shit back.

  5. I haven’t spent anything on microtransactions in years. If it costs more than $60 to own the game or unlock everything without a huge grind, it’s not worth my time.

  6. $275 on path of exile, supporters packs since closed beta(even though i was playing before the packs became available)
    1. proper free to play
    2. Actual time spent playing the game(most time i’ve put into a game since WoW)
    3. value for the money spent , micro transactions which no one will ever be able to buy again and points near the value of money spent meaning more MTX’s

    Next closest is $30 (rift)

  7. Really you pick the the question of the week from someone bitching about windows 10, odd I have no problems at all with 100’s of games I have played on it. Disappointed to say the least.

  8. been playing free to play game with the first being mu online probably about 10 years ago.
    Since then I am very proud to have spent 0 dollars. Why would I spend money on a game when they give you the entire content for free. And they build the games to have grindy progress being the entire game. So If your going to play the grind game you might as well play it. Atleast your not spending 10k dollars to skip the grind to play a game with no endgame. And the best part of any free to play game isn’t it’s content. It’s giving a free place to have an mmo or community it’s the people that make mmo’s interesting something your not paying for to be made. However I did pay aion a full year subscription back during launch year in 2009. Since then mmo’s haven’t even gotten any better so I do not see myself ever doing that for at least 3 years since I don’t know what games could possibly be being made I haven’t heard of any though and I know them all. black desert is bad an empty of any innovation. and blade and soul is just plain too old too late.

    Honestly with people overcharging for games like overwatch and the division. And forcing you to pay for the only new mmo like eso and black desert. Who knows maybe someone will start making a new mmo. Until then I’m sticking with the get in have fun without grinding your life away games like overwatch, doom, lawbreakers.


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