Hi-Rez reveals their new game, NCSoft has a new game in the works, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Zach Sharpes is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from MMOBomb.com. This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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  1. @Lame Name tell that to the guy that made mario lord knows he has done poorly……………people I swear yall could complain about water being wet

    • Yeah I mean I like card games and anime as much as the next guy but when the developers spam the market like this it’s just sickening.

  2. I say name it something else or don’t bring it into existance just adding a number after their old product is dumb. I mean theres some circumstances where it’s necessary to add a number after the name of your product but I don’t think it’s necessary for the new generation of Aion. Hate me if you want but I feel the developer/publisher team or who ever is incharge of naming their games could of came up with a better name then Aion 2

    • What’s next? Aion 3 or after that Aion 4 if Aion is still relevant? Seriously if they are doing what I think they are with future game releases of Aion the guy naming them needs to be fired.


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