Tera reveals a new class, Overwatch confirms its monetization model… is it free-to-play? Find out that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Well I wont be playing overwatch now, if blizzard wanted to make more money it would have been a good idea to make it free to play and sell skins and other cosmetic packs.

    Just look at other free to play games, they make more money than what they would have selling it at a $ 60 price tag.

  2. Well the role of the Tank has always appealed me as I loved going in and throwing and distracting enemies as my team picks them off,though I grown to love the Supportive role quiet a lot,but if i can be a Supportive(healer)/Tank mix so be it,it makes it even more fun :D.

  3. they are liars, they should not have lied that way, since Activision took power, that things were changing, I think it will not buy, it’s a casual game.

  4. Fk Blizzard ..and Fk Overwatch . now in the protest NOBODY should go to the cinema for WarCraft movie .. but i notice that this low marketing move is done frequently … First they announce the game and they say that it will be F2P .. i that way they creating a HYPE and community around the product and then they are suddenly changing to B2P

    Homeworld Shipbreakers
    Star Citizen
    Infinity Battlespace
    Warhammer 40k ethernal cursader
    and more
    they all announced as to be F2P

    so fk them

    • I can’t speak for the other games, but Star Citizen WILL be free when it is officially released. The game is still VERY early in development, and the people who are spending money to play now FULLY understand that the money they are giving is not a purchase of items, but a donation to fund the development of the game. When the full game goes live there will be the ability for anyone to play this game. Period. Misinformation by the uneducated few can destroy the reputation of a legacy. Don’t be that guy, man.

  5. MMO Community Reason
    4 type of things
    3. Beggar
    4. Hacker
    (Note:) This is why people no longer play online games anymore because the corruption have become more bigger than the last year and it only going to get worse so your bet is to play a single player game with your friend. The developer don’t care anymore nowdays. it all about money for any company out there that trying to sell the big fat on the market.

  6. Brawlhalla is amazing. Play it.

    About Overwatch:
    This game is going to compete at the price point of COD: Black OP3, except Treyarch is proven, COD has offline, online, campaign, zombies, and an almost infinite amount of match customization.

    Battleborne is made by 2k, is going to be like Overwatch and will have distinct heroes with many different game modes. 2k has also made Borderlands.

    TF2, do I need to say more?

    Blizzard is untested in the FPS market, is offering less than the competition, and wants to also not come clean about dlc/heroes post launch. No thanks Bliz.

    • Treyarch is proven? What, like activision has never made an fps? Like blizzard has ever released a game that wasn’t ready? This kind of thinking really confuses me. Activision is the company that decided to start Overwatch. I highly doubt they are not sharing expertise with their sister companies.

  7. Another counter strike like game, boring few map pvp over and over same , what i deo ts playing these kind of games, zero rpg elements, no progress, just over and over same maps.. i better kill myself then waste time on such cra p, its for brainless who not understand how to play something else just super simple games.

    • It’s supposed to be more fun over progress. Not to mention i’m sure there will be ranked play added when the game is released for progress. Also it sounds like you just hate all games like this in general so your opinion is pretty biased. Might as well ignore all this and just stick with your rpg element games.


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