Paladins enters open beta on consoles, DOTA 2 is adding a co-op adventure, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. I would like to add 3 things in Heroes of the Storm:

    1. Account talent system for all heroes
    2. Custom gear (sword, armour)
    3. And dunno if someone had this idea before but, it will be so cool after your team wins, u enter to fight final boss (unique for every map) some kind of bonus feature. and if u kill him it will drop items (gear) that u can roll to win. that will be really hard to kill, it will need skill, cooperate teamates, and even limited loot. it will be really awesome! and i bet HotS will be TOP MOBA in the world. (for me is already best moba but its fact that it’s third on market)

    • All of these sound like they come from a P2W mobile game that was made in china. Not sure what you mean by the first one, getting custom gear for characters would be weird since they all come from actual lore backgrounds and changing them wouldn’t work. The third one is besides the worst, like I said that straight up sounds like some generic cheap P2W chinese mobile game.


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