Hi-Rez gets into hot water, Hex drops Gameforge, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. Nexon, gameforge, aeria, trion, EA, mycom, Hi-rez (except smite). Those are definite. I personally also avoid Ubisoft, but that’s personal 😀

  2. Trion CCP, Steam, IGG, Firefly Studios, Frontier Developments, Cloud Imperium Games, and any other awful companies that either ignore you, change direction do what they want, spy on you and hide hidden marks in your registry.

  3. qotw: The guys behind I:SS (aka WarZ), if i’m not mistaking the dev and publisher for those games are the same people. I don’t follow what they do, but they can change names, make new companies, it does not matter, they are still easy to avoid because, luckily, each time they put out another garbage you can easily find out just by reading the steam comments and i always read the comments.
    P.S. Not a disgruntled customer here, i never bought anything from them and while i consider everyone redeemable, i don’t think they will ever redeem themselves or even care to try. The fact that all their games are garbage only makes it easier for me.

  4. Artix entertainment since they seem to not know their priorities about managing their games. But I’m not trying to single them out I’ve said things about them to friends and family and on social media alot to the point they told me to shut up. But I try to avoid most if not all F2P since they seem to mostly want $$$ anymore.

    • Also what I forgot to say about artix entertainment their games seem like heavily paid 2 win they claim it’s not but it pretty much is probably because they need the money to support their small indie dev studio. But alot of people claim some of their games is dress up games like AQWorlds or their newest game AQ3D and claim AQ3D isn’t copying AQWorlds. But it’s kinda hard to not believe they aren’t dress up games and it’s kinda harder to believe AQ3D isn’t a 3D version of AQWorlds when they are porting parts of the game to AQ3D and have alot of the maps and certain parts of the game look alot like AQWorlds. The 2 things that probably makes me wanna stay from artix entertainment games the most is they sell inventory slots a single inventory slot for 200 micro currency coins how is that a fair deal? On most or all the inventory bag and bank vault is free to use all the slots are from the beginning of the game on MMOS and single player games. It feels like they are just wanting cash from people just in my opinion. People may have other thoughts about this but that’s just my opinion on this. My other reason is they flood their games with garbage filler releases and garbage rare items almost every week and garbage classes. yeah everyone loves a nice brand new class release and new release event and especially a rare item. but when the releases start becoming garbage and the rare items flood the games economy too often and the classes flood the game way too often then the games economy get’s ruined in my opinion. The other thing that irks me is they jump from project to project they left certain projects from years ago go undone to this day certain parts of the chaos saga still remains uncomplete because they never finished writing it because they jumped to a different project they just jump all over to different event projects it would be nice if they would finish the unfinished projects instead of letting them go unfinished for years and years and years and years because theres still a certain event in the chaos saga in AQWorlds still unwritten like I said because they jumped to another project they never went back to it because they keep jumping projects that’s part of the problem I see. I’m not a discruntled customer of AE I liked their games but when I tried asking their support team to disable my account since you gotta email them to disable it by request if your account if upgraded they have me alot of problem they tried talking me out of it and saying they didn’t do that service I even showed them they did from the help pages they had they still didn’t believe me. I got it disabled after doing things I didn’t wanna do like breaking their rules and telling off the support team member. But instead of letting me keep my ban they kept unbanning me and trying to give me chances I kept telling them I wanted to be disabled by request I was being nice about it at first sure I could of just changed my password and forget about it but I wanted them to disable it since they didn’t delete accounts and they did offer to disable upgraded accounts it’s on their help pages. The only thing that disgruntled me about this company is their support team and their staff members they are unprofessional all I wanted was my account to be deleted well disabled since they didn’t do deletions but they were refusing. And I was requesting nicely and not cussing or anything at first but after a couple days of support team members who refuse to accept your request I’m sure you would of done the same thing. All I gotta say is they make good games but they got unprofessional support team members and moderators not all the moderators are unprofessional but some of them are. But they do need to hire some more people and I mean hire not make them volunteer like alot of their workforce seems to be but they probably won’t till they get more money and who knows when that will be since they are just a smalltime studio…

    • Sorry I forgot to add they do actually do deletions but only for nonmember accounts you can’t have any purchases on it of any kind but you would be able to delete it yourself through the account management. For members the help pages would tell you if they do or not on AQWorlds it says they do but the support team says otherwise so somebodys in the wrong is all I’m gonna say.

  5. Free to play developer i would say i stay away from turbine and nexon mainly because either lack of updates or the steeep p2w aspect..

    Other developer im currently avoiding i would say is EA after battlefront and they way they treat other titles atm its loosing its good name.


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