Heroes of the Storm is reborn with 2.0, Funcom reveals Secret World Legends, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. rift got so rocked by paywalls after the ocean area update :c pretty upsetting. Now adays, Trion has the midas touch but instead of gold it turns to shit t(>.<t)

    on a side note imma try out tsw. I always wanted to play it for the story but steam sales kept eating my money lol. I heard it was good.

  2. This FTP model is going to end up destroying TSW. The quality of players is going to decline to garbage players and the game will end up dead.

    • Lol!.. how dose The Secret world Legends! harm The secret world game? when there is 2 difrent games? just stick to TSW if ur gona cry over the new F2P vertion..

  3. yeah cant wait for secret world legends, i get free transfer for my TSW shop items for my new acount on legends so lock forward to new combat action baste and to get play game with more active comunity, and F2P its very nice just hope thay dont use stopid subscription Pay 2 play shit! butt we see how it gose i dont mind starting game from scratch might try out new faction this time


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