H1Z1 is looking to add a subscription option to Battle Royal, Snail Games is reportedly working on Age of Wushu 2, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. ArcheAge is a good example of how terrible gear based progression can be. Nobody wants to spend years of time or tons of money just to be competitive. Heck, just when you think you’ve crafted the perfect character… EXPANSION PACK!!!

    Thanks, but no thanks.

      • every point and click game is gear based unless it has dodges.
        and everone knows that you first use a stun skill and then spam all your attack skills until the stun is gone and then do another stun and keep going.

    • He said gear based PROGRESSION. The type of combat doesn’t affect the type of progression in a game (gear based means they have a system where new gear constantly replaces the old by increasing in power constantly). I personally disagree with the idea that time spent should be short, but I want my time to be valued. I don’t like gear based progression because every 3-6 months you have to do another grind to stay exactly where you were in the last major patch. I would rather have it take LONGER but have the end result stay valuable indefinitely or at least for a very long time.

      To explain that better, I would rather have my gear work like tools. Maybe it takes you a while to earn that screwdriver (say a sword that freezes enemies) and have it always be a good screwdriver. Then, having got that screwdriver maybe I want to get a saw or a car (maybe an axe that attacks multiple times per attack round or pair of boots that make you run faster).


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