Guild Wars 2 is officially free to play, Carbine Studios announced when Wildstar will be going free 2 play, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. The company runs with bunch of lowlife with their way of cash grabing .. I understand f2p games needa make cash .. but unlike any other company …they are the lowest.

  2. I like there games. I have no problems with the company. Sure they made a few strange choices int he past but if we judged each company the same, I’m sure everyone would have a negative opinion on them. RIFT is awesome. Defiance is a good niche game. Trove is really good voxel game. ArcheAge is a little more unfriendly to the F2P crowd but that blame is on XL Games. It’s not the best choice for the self-entitled crowd that floods this website.

    • Oh really ?? Archage blame on XL Games ?? Then tell me .. why korean server is far more successful then Trion version of Archeage even tho it started way more early and still got more server and player population then Trion ?? Wake up and look at all their’s (Trion) games the way they manage their f2p and cash shop.

  3. Experiences by game:
    RIFT: Oh hey, this is good! As a healer / fighter I keep the party alive and we rotate dungeons that off sets the boring PvE (PvP always is a mindless mess)… PATCH DAY… Nerfed the healer and set out a P2W soul (class to buy) that heals better and dungeons turned into a “leader better be OP geared pulling the rest of the 4 men” and the dungeon rotation stopped and rotted leaving tons of unused content. PvE got too boring after level cap and quit.

    Archeage! LOL Not even once.

    Trove: Decent F2P. Brainlessley boring.

    HAve not had a Trion world game installed since. Nor their client. Sorry Trion, you gone and went stupid.

  4. TRION for a company build of gamers as they like to say, they cant even manage their f2p model to be f2p. Everytime i hear that name 1 thing comes to mind P2W. I dont care for TRION anymore, I`ll give it a try to Devilian, but they didnt missed to point out there will be nice patron sub with lots of bonuses…………. for arpg I simply cannot see this working. I have that feeling its going to be repeat of archeage`s fail. However PvP could be fun if not ill just go back to D3.

  5. Trion Worlds has failed me as a whole. Their horrible management of ArcheAge and many of the changes made to Rift that made it less and less appealing has proven to me that the company needs much improvement to earn my trust back.

  6. I still miss the day play Rift closed beta when everyone is random selected and people are excited, enjoyed every moment in it. Trion has some talent developers who can create decent game like Rift and that’s why I will keep an eye on their new self-develop game.

    Archeage is a very wrong step Trion chose, even if it does create a lot of profit, it ruined Trion’s reputation.

  7. Trion…the dun fk’d up.
    I liked Rift but not played it in a good while now(since before magicmans boycott)
    Trove seems decent though i’m not particularly interested in it.

    The rest including the new announced ones, other than devilian i’m not interested.
    They made a meal of archeage, and devilian closing down overseas…not a good sign.
    End of nations never even made it and the new one atlas reactor…well to early to tell but not my cup of tea

    And those founders packs…hell no, at least do a public test with no NDA for a weekend before putting them up for sale,…rather than trying to cash grab from the gullible.

    • Aeria is a KING of cashgrabers,but Trion is near them.When i see Devilian prices i just think-F*ck That! 150$ for playing NOT tested,NOT played Alfa that still need to emprove so I may start to think IF i want to $ for it.

      P.S. Week ago i brought GW2 for 100$ and its worth EVERY $ i speend for it. Trion needs to LEARN how to make games NOT just grab my $ and say- F*ck you i dont need you anymore.

  8. There are two Trion Worlds:

    Before Archeage ( Rift company, good game, great P2P>F2P title);
    After Archegae (Crap company, worst system, bad choices);

    To me, it’s just that.


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