BlizzCon 2016 is underway, Revelation Online’s closed beta begins, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. There’s none of the negativity that often comes with real Twitter and with real Twitch here, so Electric Love Bar could be a worthwhile replacement if you’re sick of the real things, or if you’re curious why someone would sign up to them in the first place.

  2. Seriously people still buy things from Blizzard, no matter what you guys get fed, these people as a developer are 5-10 years behind everyone else in the market and they STILL sell things just because people actually spend money to get them. It started out as a simple character transfer and nowadays it’s from online convention tickets to whole new classes within a game. I’m not even gonna mention WoW is the biggest P2W game out there, not only with expansion sales, subscription AND a store in game, and as for gear well lets just say I can buy rush through mythics or raids anywhere and anytime I feel like it ( and here we are all of us F2Pers thinking Trion is bad huh? )

    • And the best part is blizzard is trying to rebuild world of warcraft but with a more modern engine. If they pull it off and make it better then the world of warcraft they built in 2004 they will be flooding with money lol. They already tried to build a world of warcraft 2.0 but they failed. It was called titan online they shut it down in the final phases because the devs and the people building it just said it wasn’t as the world of warcraft game they built in 2004 so they reinvented the titan online project into overwatch which now has over 20 million players so I bet they are wishing they made overwatch a subscription game.

      • I mean the devs and the guys helping build titan online just said it wasn’t as fun as the world of warcraft game they built in 2004 and idk what other reasons why they shut it down I didn’t paid attention to their games back then.

        • After Activision got a hold on the company it’s been like this 5years behind in development (last expansion alone lasted how long? 1 year? 1.5 years? If that isn’t “milking the cow” I don’t know what is) and they flash the “Demonhunter” card on everyone’s face and people buy it like icecream on a hot summer. It’s literally a joke for every other Dev face out there in the MMO industry and part of this is why most good Devs are actually going to mobile endeavours, more audience, smaller projects and better revenue, the industry as a whole only has to lose with these people.

        • I heard blizzard was flashing if you wanted to do certain quests you had to connect to friends via facebook or do something via social media which I think is dumb. I don’t think social media should even have anything to do with trying to complete or gaining access to quests in MMOs. I’m not sure if it’s true since I didn’t get that far or do the latest expansions but it’s what I been hearing from complaining players via WoW forums unless I misread something. And there was some good MMO projects I’ve seen that could of rivaled WoW but they became a joke by doing dumb plans or angering the playerbase to an extent by making it heavily paid 2 win and adding cash shops,micro currency and ect.

    • Evidently you dont have the slightest clue on what P2W actually means. WoW is P2P (Pay to Play)… not P2W… the in game store is cosmetics… besides the currency tokens in which if you mean that you can buy one to sell on the AH to turn around and buy gear on the AH… that still doesnt apply. Best gear is usually BOP.


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