Kael’thas brings fire to Heroes of the Storm, NCSoft’s profits are down, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. I would say that Sins of a dark age is the new moba i watch more then anything else, as its a small moba game it has charm where other games fail badly, Im also started to stream myself playing this game and i must say i was amazed how many players watch my stream today, the fact that game also makes it possible for us streamers to give away rewards to our viewers is quite fun and rewarding this + the fact that you gain ranks within the game as a streamer aswell makes it feel complete.

    I found myself often watch other streams on this moba and since it has gone free to play on steam more and more awsome streamers has joined in, this moba might just be the new thing on steam as it seams to grow in popularity.

    I also must say that i stream game with moderators and developers playing with us at times i can bet that not many developers takes time to play with is community as they do.

    Thats my answer for the question of the week, thank you highly for these weekly news aswell btw.

  2. The reason NCSoft is hurting for revenue is because they closed down City of Heroes/City of Villians those games for fun had a huge fan /player base and brought in alot of revenue .

    • The reason why they have low ratings in Q1 is because they had extremely good ratings in Q4.
      Means what it means,not much.
      And i don´t believe they would close games that give them profit.The sharks in the board just would´t allow it.

    • I’m pretty sure companies would never shut down games that produced a healthy revenue that had profit. A lot of times to cost of maintaining the game is more than the revenue from the game which leads the game to shut down. On another point, there are handful of games that have done well despite some sinks in their income *cough* world of warcraft *cough*

      And if they did shut it down for other reasons other than profit it may be company/staff issues, or maybe just because.


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