Echo of Soul heads into Open Beta, it’s official, Wildstar is going free 2 play, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. First of all thank you for your hard work doing the weekly, we love it and we love you!.

    Now concerning wildstar i must say i will check it out im sure my girlfriend will aswell since she only stopped because of the lack of playtime, well now when its free she can play when ever she likes without the heavy feeling of a subscription i really like the F2P they have given us the 25% extra exp and 50% extra faction is fair as the whole game dungeons and all is free. i was worried they would implement more restrictions. hopefully it will be successfull.

  2. Not sure, i may check it or maybe i won’t check wildstar after all.
    Why? i heard that the auction in there is nearly impossible to use, you can sell and buy 3 items only? thats ridiculous, you won’t be able to get anything for your character, and so you will be forced to progress through the game wearing low lvl junk? or farm gear yourself? maybe i would if i knew what you can expect with the drop rates in there but i don’t know that kind of info so… for now i’m leaning to the “don’t bother” side.

    • Buying items and placing buy orders are two different things . They are only limiting the buy/sell orders . You can still buy as many items as you want from the CX/AH .

    • there are so many different ways to get gear and none of it is really that hard for example you can always craft your armor or run instances to get gear crafting in wildstar is not as annoying in wildstar as it is in most mmorpg’s for example Aion’s crafting system was just terrible they are doing the restrictions on the auction house to try and detour gold farmers/sellers

      • But all of that requires work which the OP clearly doesn’t want to do. It’s all about instant gratification these days.

    • Never really used auction. Very few times and I didn’t have any problems. Maybe I should start using it… lol

  3. I sorta feel bad for the team behind wildstar. It is a great game with potential but how they implemented end game was just not well thought out at all. More of a headache than fun.

    • In addition I havent played it since early 2015 so i have no idea if these issues have been addressed. So imo there is no reason to not try it.

      • They made alot of changes regarding your concern . There’s more content for casuals , itemization is way better and also the requirements for raid attunement are lower . There’s alot more then that , but i’ve seen most ppl having left the game and complaining about these things specifically .

      • I hear you Aaron, I left the game 2 months after launch. Thats with playing 2 characters to max level and 2 more to mid level. Not to mention going on another server to play the other faction.

        The game just couldn’t hold its salt, it lacked so much in my eyes. End game blew, didn’t like the telegraphing visual spam (especially in pvp) and don’t even bring up pvp…what a complete skewed and screwed up system it was. That and the gear and visuals weren’t appealing after the initial “oh looks like space WoW” wore off.

        Do I feel bad for the guys behind the game? Maybe, but not for the ones that conceived the basis of what the game was, it was so poorly thought out and executed. I’m so happy they’re finally going free to play, for me its like admitting you suck and bowing down so you won’t die in the market. Either way though, I won’t be reinstalling the game and wish everyone else wanting to give this flop a try…go for it. It was fun for about a month.

        • Basically you are just bashing the game and didnt provide any argument . “I hate this and that for no obvious reason”. Pls take your biased opinion and shove it in your ass .


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