Will WildStar Go Free To Play In 2015?!? Blizzard Announces A New IP That Could Possibly Be Free 2 Play, Neverwinter’s Dragon Goddess Tiamat Is Revealed, Player single handedly crashes ArcheAge servers, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and THIS is Free 2 Play Weekly!

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  1. I was going to play WildStar when it was originally announced to be FTP after purchase but then they announced it was PTP and I dropped the entire idea. I played the beta and it was fun but it was not PTP fun.

  2. Subbed for about 5 months so, that was around $150 (give or take 15 bucks) invested in a game that I waited about 16 months for. Fun, enjoyable but, I couldn’t justify the continued sub. I agree w the B2P/F2p model. I think it will serve them well.

  3. i have bought Wildstar. It is really a great game, but still people are not interested in it.. There are a lot of free 2 play alternatives and i think it is hard for Wildstar to survive as pay2play.. i think it will and should become free2play.

  4. Ummm. Blackhearts Bay is already in the Alpha of Heroes of the Storm. This isn’t a new map. Been playing it for months.

    You messed up, it’s a spider cave the new map, not Blackhearts Bay.

    • Where exactly is SWTOR a Ripoff ? I assume you never played SWTOR longer than 15 Minutes. Unlike most think the Game is a Financial Success ever since it went F2P.

  5. Looking at the Market and how almost only 1 Game could Maintain the P2P Model than i would say that Wildstar either Has to offer something to attract Players or the Mentioned F2P model.

    I have to say i only Played the Beta for which i had a Key, i liked it but it felt like yet another Standard MMO , and if we take a look at the MMO Market we see a Vast amount of Games that offer something Unique, be it the class system or even other features.

    Features Alone cannot help a Game Survive, Bounty Hounds had an Pretty much Unique and Great pet System, the game failed Horrible at everything else. World of Warcraft Actually never offered something Outstandingly new or Unique, it just benefits from the Warcraft Lore and the Hype it Received even thought its not better than other games. World of Warcraft is like the iPhone, Outdated to the Concurrence but still bought like hell cause it has to many blind fans.

    People Called SWTOR a WoW clone which kind of Hurt the game, after it became Free 2 Play it actually Rise up to be one of the MMO games that make the most Money.

    So it either comes down to features or Free2Play, i would actually recommend NCSoft to do Both , go Free with a Massive Update to Bring in stuff to make people say oh lets try it out. Right now none wants to buy the game since it just another MMO.


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