In this episode of the Free-to-Play Podcast, Spunkify, Jason and new guest Xanex discuss the logistics and potential outcomes of PWE’s potential purchase of developer DE’s outstanding shares, ask why the female community wasn’t allowed to partake in IeSF’s Hearthstone tournament with the males, and ponder what really constitutes “toxic behavior”. All of this and more on this weeks Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:
03:09 PWE attempting to buy all outstanding shares from developer DE.
24:27 IeSF Hearthstone tournament only allowing male players to participate.
39:24 What really constitutes toxic behaviour?
51:41 Weekly Bombs.
01:04:15 Last weeks Question of the Week.
01:11:29 This weeks Question of the Week.

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  1. Perfect world does not really has the best reputation among the players, i think on a long shot it would hurt Digital Extreme and Warframe, and as Spunkify said, Digital Extreme does not need to be bought since they have no financial Problems at all, if we look at the success of Warframe than we for sure know that its not needed.

    and i do agree with Jason, PWE does not need to change anything on Warframe since it is good as it is, but as we know PWE they will prolly change something especially when it comes to Micro Transactions and alike, but i have to say they did a good job on Blacklight.

    Heartstone … well i never liked the game at all since its effortless and way to simple for me, i am a huge Magic the Gathering fan and so i like to play more complex games which actually need to think rounds ahead. But in todays times it is a complete no go to actually only allow Male players or to split them into 2 brackets. Overall the public eSports scene is still mainly male, female gamer are more or less looked at with a smile for literally no reason at all, females in games are treated as bad players which is not true at all, i know a lot which are better than males.

    And on top there are a lot of males which try to hit on a girl when they know there is one.

    This old school thinking is something we should finally change.

    Toxic behavior for me are people who just flame, and act like an dick making your day a living hell.

    Actually well i suck at English, but i am giving it my best, so yea it was a DA Bomb of cause it was one, and the Graphics card was a Gainward GTX 680 Phantom 4GB and back then it cost 650 €.

    And i am German so just that you know but yea DA bomb for it’s release and a A Bomb for my card.

    And splatoon looks interesting, sad i do not own a console nor do i ever will if i keep on killing Graphics cards.

    Bombs :
    A Bomb Goes to Red5, they were working ages on there game Firefall and changed so much that they angered the community, especially now shortly before the Release of the game they offer Founder Packs/Early Access Packs, which range from 29,99 to 99,99. I was a closed and Open Beta Tester and even those are restricted from entering the game right now since we didn’t payed for the Early Access. If that’s the way the Industries Handles games from now on than i see a Pretty dark Future for MMO’s. The Problem is that some People will still buy it even for that price.

    And i have to agree to Jasons opinion about early Access, in some way it is good to get Early access but only if you really care about the game and actually report Bugs and the likes, but people rarely do that, they just want to play the game and don’t really care about anything else.

    Question of the week
    In a Frustrating moment i always start to type something but end up not sending it at all, but thats just me. In many games like MOBA’s or shooter the amount of flamer is way to high to actually ignore it and so people tend to answer with flames as well. I somehow managed to not actually flame in an obvious way but in a way where people actually not recognize it as flames, sarcasm or joking around are a pretty good way to be not so obviously flaming.

    But mostly when i am Frustrated i slam my fist on the table, and the Frustration ain’t gone but now the pain on my hand is a more serious business XD its kinda Counter frustration with pain. On a side note i never broke my hand that way.

    and if nothing helps, i just close the game and do some Photoshop works or listen to music, watching some anime. That mostly cool’s me down.

  2. About Sony, they got a new CEO so it looks like he’s trying to do right. The old CEO seemed like he wanted to be steve jobs, do anything, step on anyone to get ahead but that didn’t seem to work the new CEO “so far seems” to be doing a better job. We’ll see what other products they bring out, how the next few games.

  3. I wouldn’t say I rage quit, but I’ll usually just stop playing when I realize I’m just not enjoying the game. I know from previous experiences that when for whatever reason I’m no longer having fun playing, the smallest things will piss me off and I’ll go off on people, sometimes they have it coming, but even then I rather just report them, take screenshots or whatever and log off rather than making things bigger than they need to be.

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